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R7044A-E, G Excel Plus Controller Hardware. CSI 3-Part Specifications.

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R7044A-E, G Excel Plus
Controller Hardware

The R7044 Excel Plus Controller ("R7044") is one of a family of Processors used in EXCEL 5000™ System. R7044s can operate in stand-alone mode. They can also operate as an integral part of a peer communications network sharing data with other Tier 2 processors or with a host central processor.

The various R7044 models provide different configurations of analog, digital, totalizer, and universal points. Universal points are primarily analog outputs; however, they can be used as digital outputs, or, on Models D and E they can be digital/analog inputs.

To complement stand-alone operation, a W1044 Excel Plus Operator Terminal ("P.O.T.") is available. This hand-held or door-mounted operator interface provides direct access to and command of point data and stored operating parameters. An optional Control Network Automation Protocol (C-NAP) Network Interface board provides an interface between R7044 Models D, E, and G and MicroCel™ and/or MacroCel™ Controllers. Models D, E, and G also support optional "flash" memory and an optional autodial modem for dialup to a Tier 3 central processor.

• Stand-alone energy management and direct digital control
• Flexible input/output configuration
• Point density optimized for distributed processing
• Fully compatible with higher-order host systems
• Battery-backed real-time clock and RAM (Models A and B)
• Capacitor-backed real-time clock and RAM (Models D, E, G)
• W1044 P.O.T. port
• Processor active and diagnostic LEDs
• Installable and serviceable packaging
• Digital output LED indicators and HAND-OFF-AUTO switches
• Optional C-NAP Network Interface (Models D, E, G)
• Optional dialup to higher-order processor (Models D, E, G)
• Optional flash memory (Models D, E, G)



R7044 Excel Plus Controllers ("R7044s") perform analog and digital point processing for sensors and actuators as well as local Direct Digital Control (DDC), Energy Management System (EMS), and system control functions. R7044s can operate in either stand-alone configuration or as Tier 2 processors in a peer communication network sharing data with other processors. With an optional Control Network Automation Protocol (C-NAP) Network Interface, MicroCel™ and/or MacroCel™ Controller points look like sensors and actuators that R7044D, E, and Gs can monitor and supervise or reset.

The Flash Memory Board option for R7044D, E, Gs permits reprogramming nonvolatile operating system (OS) and data file memory without having to physically remove and replace any memory devices. Reprogramming can be from the Excel Building Supervisor Integrated operator interface or W1045 Excel Plus Portable Programming Terminal ("W1045 PPT") via hardwired or dialup communication lines.

R7044A-E, G Software Specification Data Sheet 74-2373, and Excel Plus Dialup Specification Data Sheet 74-5814 provide further details on R7044 functionality.



  • R7044A Excel Plus 34-Point Controller
  • R7044B Excel Plus 66-Point Controller (includes I/O Expansion Board)
  • R7044C I/O Expansion Board Only
  • R7044D Excel Plus 40-Point Controller (48 points with optional Analog Output Expansion Board)
  • R7044E Excel Plus 64-Point Controller (72 points with optional Analog Output Expansion Board)
  • R7044G Excel Plus 4-Point Controller (totalizer inputs only)

Physical Characteristics:

Environmental Limits:

Operating Temperature: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
Storage Temperature: –40 to 158F (–40 to 70C)
Humidity: 5 to 95% rh max noncondensing


Models A and B:

24V ac +10%, –15%, 50/60 Hz ±1 Hz, 3.5A (includes W1044 Excel Plus Operator Terminal [P.O.T.], I/O Expansion board, and 16 relays)
24V dc +20%, –15%

Models D, E, and G:

120V ac +10%, –15%, 47-63 Hz, 0.59A
220V ac +10%, –15%, 47-63 Hz, 0.30A (includes W1044 P.O.T. and 20 relays with 24V coils at 40 mA)


R7044A-E: On subpanel in full-size ring cabinet or in a steel housing
R7044G: On subpanel in half-size ring cabinet
Accessory mounting space available in full-size ring cabinet
Removable terminal strips for trouble-free installation and serviceability (Models A and B)
Barrier terminal strips for easy wiring installation (Models D, E, G)
Internal static and transient protection
Optional C-NAP Network Interface (CNI) Board: field-installable daughterboard

Optional Flash Memory Board: field-installable daughterboard. The board fits on either a panel- or enclosure-mounted R7044. The Flash Memory Board can coexist with the CNI Board but not with the Analog Output Expansion Board. There is a Flash Memory Board version that includes analog output expansion features. See Optional Flash Memory Board item later in the specification sheet for version number.

Optional Analog Output Expansion Board: field-installable daughterboard. The board fits on either a panel- or enclosure-mounted R7044. The board can coexist with the CNI Board but not with the Flash Memory Board.


Models A-E:

Full-size ring cabinet: 37-1/4 in. (947 mm) high, 24 in. (610 mm) wide, 9 in. (229 mm) deep

Model G:

Half-size ring cabinet: 18-5/8 in. (473 mm) high, 24 in. (610 mm) wide, 9 in. (229 mm) deep


Ac-coupled, peer communication (RS-485) bus
RS-232-C serial communication port
Maximum Number of R7044s on a Peer Bus:  29

Input/Output Point Capacity:

R7044A: 32 points and 2 totalizer inputs

16 analog/digital inputs
8 analog outputs
8 digital outputs

R7044B (with I/O Expansion Board): 64 points and 2 totalizer inputs

32 analog/digital inputs
16 analog outputs
16 digital outputs

R7044C: I/O Expansion Board Kit to convert Model A to Model B

R7044D: 36 (optional 44) points and 4 totalizer inputs

18 analog/digital inputs
6 universal analog/digital inputs/outputs
12 digital outputs
Optional 8 analog outputs* (with Analog Output Expansion Board)

R7044E: 60 (optional 68) points and 4 totalizer inputs

30 analog/digital inputs
10 universal analog/digital inputs/outputs
20 digital outputs

Optional 8 analog outputs* (with Analog Output Expansion Board)

        R7044G: 4 totalizer inputs

*These outputs can also be used as maintained digital outputs.

Input/Output Point Characteristics:

Analog Inputs—Analog inputs support voltage ranges of 0 to 10V dc, and a resistance type input range of up to 8000 ohms for R7044A, B and 5.5K ohms for R7044D, E. Analog inputs can be used as totalizer inputs with 4 to 20 mA signal at a 2-second minimum scan rate.

Sensors supported: Balco, 3000- and 1000-ohm platinum, and PT100 (two-wire mode).

Analog Outputs—Linear voltage range of 2 to 10V dc with maximum current of 20 mA. Output signal 0 to 12V. Can be used as maintained digital outputs. Data file defines usage.

Digital Inputs—Voltage level, current level, and contact inputs with a minimum of 1-second hold.

Digital Outputs—Maintained or pulsed with pulse duration from 100 ms to 2.5 seconds, programmable in 100-ms increments. Maximum maintained current is 50 mA per output. Four- and eight-relay board assemblies support a number of relays with different contact ratings. The four-relay boards have LEDs to indicate if coils are energized and optional HAND-OFF-AUTO switches.

Start/Stop types supported: maintained, universal, momentary, two-speed motors, and 12V/24V magnetic latch.

Totalizer Inputs—Pulse type with frequency of up to 20 pulses per second. Minimum contact opening or closing time is 21 ms.



Data File:

EPROM for Operating System (OS). With optional flash memory, data file and OS resides in nonvolatile Flash EPROM.

Battery-backed RAM for DDC/EMS parameters (modifiable via W1045 PPT and central operator interface when R7044 is connected to a host processor). With optional flash memory, parameter changes can reside in nonvolatile Flash EPROM.

Memory Capacity:

Models A and B:

RAM 32 kilobytes (KB) nonbattery-backed, 32K bytes battery-backed
Data File EPROM 64KB

Models D, E, G:

RAM 256KB capacitor-backed
Data File EPROM 64KB (expandable to 128KB on main board)

Optional CNI Board provides the following additional memory capacity:

RAM 64KB to 256KB
Data File EPROM 128KB
Optional Flash Memory Board provides:

OS Flash EPROM 512KB

Data File Flash EPROM 256KB



Models A and B:
72-hour battery-backed RAM
Nonrechargeable lithium battery

Models D, E, G:

8-hour capacitor-backed RAM

72 hours with addition of optional nonrechargeable lithium battery

With optional Flash Memory Board, user changes can reside in nonvolatile memory and remain unchanged over any length power interruption

Transmission Rate:

9600 bits per second


NEU-DK-16 Matrix Board (8x2) for up to 16 digital input points
NEU-DK-64 Matrix Board (8x8) for up to 64 digital input points
14506635 Rough-in Ring Cabinet
14006090-028101 Full-size Door with P.O.T.
MCRSM2400 or MUSMT224EH7 (for UL systems) autodial modem for R7044D, E, G
14502654-003 modem cable, 5 ft (1.5m)
14506921-001 modem bracket

Optional C-NAP Network Interface Board (R7044D, E, G Only):

Ordering: 14506839 C-NAP Network Interface board
Board Dimensions: 5 in. (127 mm) x 12 in. (305 mm)
Installation: Field-installable daughterboard

Interface: 198 (maximum total) Excel MicroCel and/or MacroCel Controllers of which 12 can be MacroCel Controllers, 5000 (maximum) MicroCel/MacroCel points (analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, and pseudopoints) mapped to R7044 points during system engineering

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Listed per UL Standards 864 and 916; complies with FCC Part 15

Optional Flash Memory Board (R7044D, E, G Only):

Ordering: 14507140-001 Flash Memory Board with analog output expansion (same features as separate Analog Output Expansion Board)

14507140-002 Flash Memory Board without analog output expansion

NOTE: The Analog Output Expansion Board cannot coexist with a Flash Memory Board. Use 14507140-001 to get both features.

Board Dimensions: 6 in. (153 mm) wide x 11-1/4 in. (29 mm) high

Installation: Field-installable daughterboard (mounts on top of the R7044D, E, G Processor Board)

Features: Surface-mount technology; seven-segment diagnostic LED display; default baud rate switch for loading via modem

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Listed per UL Standards 864 and 916; complies with FCC Part 15

Optional Analog Output Expansion Board (R7044D, E Only):

Ordering: 14506986-001 Analog Output Expansion Board; mounts as daughterboard on R7044D, E

14506982-001 Analog Output Subpanel Expansion Kit; contains field wiring strip


Underwriters Laboratories Listed per UL Standards 864 and 916 (R7044D, E, G only)

Complies with FCC Part 15

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