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About Lamps Posts

Lamps Posts

We have 45 years of experience with commercial projects, and we are equipped to assist you every step of the way. From proposals and design, to shipping and installation, we provide innovative products and superior service, saving you time and money.

First Sight

Your landscape is the first thing people see, before they arrive at your facility or building, and the lighting is part of the landscape. Day or night, old, rusty steel or discolored concrete light poles can mar the beauty of a meticulously manicured courtyard or entrance. We can offer you, or help you design, a set of classy, durable lighting and site furnishings that will beautify your grounds.


Light poles illuminate the night for visibility, safety and security. TerraCast® is the leader in innovative resin products, and our Classic PolySteel® lampposts line is the leader in modern technology street lighting.

Our lampposts weigh 5 to 10 times LESS than poles made from metal or concrete. They’re less costly to make, ship and install, making them lighter on your budget. An order with TerraCast® will save you money up front and long term; it’ll even help the economy and the environment.

We offer a full line of lighting products, along with accessories. We work with reputable American vendors for related items like high-quality LED bulbs and wiring. TerraCast® is your one-stop shop for any lighting project.

We use 110-volt wire to power your lighting. It’s the strongest, most durable option for underground wiring.

All of our lighting products are lamped with LED bulbs, because the technology of LED is so advantageous. LED is instant on and off, it’s programmable and completely customizable, and it lasts longer than other bulbs.

Keep it New

Most metal light poles are covered with powder coat or baked enamel to protect them from corrosion. This protective layer is very thin, so any tiny injury renders the whole piece vulnerable. One little scrape from a weed-whacker or a bike chain will create a weak spot, giving corrosion an access point.

Concrete is porous, and so concrete light poles are susceptible to staining and discoloring. Minerals in sprinkler water from fertilizer or rusty pipes can make your pole look dirty and dingy. Re-painting is a good Band-Aid, but not a good permanent solution.

A worn, stained or rusty light pole makes its space look neglected, which is the opposite of the image you want to project.


TerraCast® offers a true composite light pole. Our PolySteel® Classic lampposts are made with only an inner core of galvanized steel, which is completely enrobed in a thick layer of polyurethane foam. The foam isolates the core and protects it from exposure to corrosive elements. This center layer also creates the general shape of the piece. The outer layer is a quarter-inch of high quality Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin.

LLDPE resin is a member of the plastic family, formulated to be outdoors for many years.


We have several standard styles in our line of Classic Lamp Posts. Our most popular styles are the New England and the Washington Post.

The New England is a replica of the design found in the coastal communities of New England, around the early 1900s. It features a longer and narrower throat section than that of the Washington.

The Washington Post is a replica of the street lighting that adorned our nation’s capital, beginning around 1910. This classic look, featuring a double fluted base and tapered shaft, has become a standard American design. The Washington Post comes in post heights of 7 thru 16 feet. When topped with our Luminaire, the final height is 7.5 feet almost 20 feet, depending on your Luminaire selection.

We offer a full line of accessories:

  • Bases
  • Post Covers,
  • Luminaires,

Whether you are looking to reinforce and beautify your existing sign or lamp posts with Resin upgrades, or remove your old posts entirely and replace them with PolySteel® Classic Lamp Posts, we have everything you need. We can also customize your order, with branding, insignias or logos, so your order is completely coordinated, your design totally unique.


Our PolySteel® lampposts come standard in black and are generally in-stock. We can make them in any color, even a faux-stone granite blend, and we can match, design or create any color, or even create a new stone blend just for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Speaking of colors, TerraCast® thinks Green, and makes products that qualify for LEED Credits.

We use up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials to make our resin, and we use sustainable practices and processes in our factories. Our ovens use natural gas, and our cooling chambers use reclaimed water.

Red, White & Blue are our true colors. Bob Grossman and Tom Schidel founded our original company, Roto-Cast, in 1969. We support and empower the American economy. We use domestic materials to craft our products, and all of our factories, warehouses, shipping centers, and offices are on US soil.

Contracting with TerraCast® saves money, supports the American economy and protects the environment. Call us today to find out how we can make your project exceptional.

Brochures for Lamps Posts

Brochures for Lamps Posts
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Lamp Post Catalog
Lamp Post Catalog
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Decorative Lamp Posts
Decorative Lamp Posts
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Go Green With Resin
TerraCast® supports the aims of the US Green Building Council and helps architects and builders with their LEED projects. Our resin products qualify for MR4 LEED credits. If their project location is within 500 miles of one of our two shipping centers (one in Tennessee, one in Southern California), those products qualify for MR5 credits.

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