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About Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

Earth Shield® has solved a long-standing problem for engineered concrete structures with circular protrusions, such as columns, pipes, piers, and pilasters. The problem: how to permanently seal the concrete joint when cast-in-place concrete forms against an existing circular member. The solution: Earth Shield® Column & Pipe Fitting (part no. JP320LC1.XX* [*XX is the diameter in inches]) manufactured with a flexible, chemical-resistant polymer and stainless steel anchoring hardware. A single laborer on the job site can quickly install the column fitting and its associated hardware. Just apply an epoxy gel bed to the existing surface; place the polymer ring into the epoxy gel bed; heat weld the single opening on the polymer ring using a waterstop splicing iron; and finally, complete the system with the stainless steel closure ring.

The Earth Shield® system functions as an internal dam, centrally located within the cast concrete, to stop aggressive chemicals, solvents, and hot petroleum oils from penetrating the joint. By preventing the passage of hazardous liquids, the Earth Shield® Column Fitting provides facility owners, engineers, and contractors with the necessary EPA-mandated containment compliance (EPA Title 40 CFR 265.193). Of course, the system prevents the passage of water as well. The mechanical properties of the polymer, plus the tear-web design of the JP320L profile, enable the column fitting to function equally well in expansion (isolation) joints and construction joints.

The Primary Choice for Secondary Containment ®” Call “The Waterstop Experts” at 800-821-3859 (951-763-7077)

Earth Shield® Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop is available in many standard shapes and sizes.

Qualified technical assistance is available during any phase of your construction project. 

Standard 3-part Specifications are available at our website in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format, and upon request in printed and a variety of computer word processor formats. Call our Technical Sales Staff for additional help with your specification.

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

Brochures for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop
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How to install Waterstop
Ribbed Waterstop Installation Guidelines, Retrofit Waterstop Installation Guides, Expansion Board Cap Waterstop Installation Guide, Base Seal Waterstop Installation Guides, Waterstop Welding Guide, Waterstop Welding Movies, Waterstop Splicing Iron Safety Manual and Users Guide, Waterstop Split Forming, How to Install Type NB190®, How to Install Labyrinth Waterstop, How to Install Split Ribbed Waterstop, Carbon Steel Waterstop Installation Guidelines, ...
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Waterstop Chemcart
Waterstop Chemcart
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Waterstop eBook
Concrete is everywhere: Buildings, fountains, parking decks, locks and dams, roads and bridges, and myriad other constructions. Because of its long lifespan, high workability, and near-worldwide availability, concrete is the preferred building material for large structures, especially those subject to hydraulic pressure. Not all concrete structures require protection from the ingress of water or other fluids, but those that do require a properly installed waterstop in and along their concrete joints. The concrete joint is the most likely point of leakage and waterstops are uniquely designed to prevent this. This book’s sole purpose is to educate the reader on all facets of waterstop.

3-Part CSI specifications for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

3-Part CSI specifications for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop
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Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Earth Shield Waterstop Products
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CAD details for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop

CAD details for Column and Pipe Fitting Waterstop
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Waterstop CAD
Waterstop CAD (pdf, dwg)
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