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About Cementitious Premium Stucco Finish & 100% Acrylic Finish

Cementitious Premium Stucco Finish & 100% Acrylic Finish

Finish the job with El Rey
El Rey is pleased to offer both a cementitious Premium Stucco Finish and Perma-Flex® 100% Acrylic Finish. By offering a complete selection of finishes as well as stucco basecoats and related products, El Rey assures customers of the quality and convenience that can only come from a single source manufacturer.

El Rey Premium Stucco Finishes
El Rey Premium Stucco finishes are a factory blend of sand, portland cement, lime, iron oxide pigments and propreitary modifiers that enhance strength, workability, durability and weather resistance. Premium Stucco is available in a pre-blended color mix or in a stucco base with Color Pak. Premium Stucco colors do not fade over time, but actually grow stronger and deeper with age — adding character to traditional stucco construction.

  • Available in 30 standard colors
  • Can be applied in a variety of texture over portland cement basecoats
  • Easy to apply, repair and clean up and require little or no maintenance after application
  • Impervious to termites, rot and fungus
  • Offer vapor permeability, color permanency and uniformity
  • Provides a pleasing finish appearance with goof value, low life-cycle and/or initial material costs

Premium Stucco Finish Options
Other products that add beauty and durability to El Rey Premium Stucco Finishes include:

  • El Rey Allegro Cement Coating — provides a durable and long-lasting coating for existing stucco.
  • El Rey Stucco Enhancer™ — polymer-modifies Premium Stucco Finishes, increasing strength and improving freeze/thaw resistance
  • El Rey Fog Kote™ — a cement-based color equalizer available in all 30 standard colors.
  • El Rey Crown Seal™ — a water repellent designed for alkaline environments that keeps surfaces cleaner and minimizes damage from freeze/thaw cycles. Crown Seal is also vapor permeable and non-yellowing.

El Rey Perma-Flex® Acrylic Finishes
100% acrylic, El Rey Perma-Flex Finishes are flexible, vapor permeable finishes that provide long-lasting, consistent color for stucco and EIFS:

  • Available in 51 standard color selections, plus a wide range of custom colors
  • Incorporate advanced DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistance) technology that keeps walls looking cleaner longer
  • Are crack resistant (not crack proof)
  • Give architectural details greater definition
  • Are moisture resistant and vapor permeable
  • Are easy to apply and achieve a high degree of color consistency
  • Can be used over portland cement plaster, El Rey Fiber-47, FastWall, and Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS)

The choice is yours
With so many choices, the right Perma-Flex Finish for the job is always the one that's right for you. In addition to an infinite variety of colors, three different grades of Perma-FLex products are available in up to six different textures.

Perma-Flex ULTRA Elastomeric

  • Premium grade acrylic finish designed for use over traditional stucco
  • Has excellent flexibility and does the best job of bridging hairline cracks
  • Comes in five textures ranging from fine to coarse

Perma-Flex LASTIC

  • Used over EIFS or portland cement stucco basecoats
  • Elastomeric properties help bridge existing cracks in cement stucco
  • Comes in six textures

Perma-Flex DPR

  • Appropriate for both EIFS and portland cement stucco basecoats
  • Provides color consistency and dirt resistance at an affordable price
  • Comes in three different textures

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