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About PENETRON ADMIX RP Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

CAD details  

PENETRON ADMIX RP Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture


  • Sewers and manholes
  • Underground vaults
  • Any underground precast structures

PENETRON ADMIX RP Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

PENETRON ADMIX RP is our tried and true Penetron Admix formulation with the addition of red pigment to meet the specification requirements of certain precast underground markets. Packaged in convenient, pre-measured soluble bags for quality control and easy application, PENETRON ADMIX RP is ready to use when adding product to the new concrete batch. As a quality guarantee, PENETRON ADMIX RP features a red pigment to permanently color the concrete to ensure visibility at a distance during inspection and to signal that genuine PENETRON ADMIX RP is in the mix.

Once inside the concrete, PENETRON ADMIX RP reduces permeability by permanently self-sealing microcracks, pores and capillaries. This protects the concrete against water penetration and effects of corrosion deterioration, even under high hydrostatic pressure. It provides projects with a self-healing capability to reseal cracks that develop during the lifetime of the concrete.

PENETRON ADMIX RP is compatible with all commonly used workability admixtures (e.g. superplasticizers, retarders) and mix design formulations (trial mixes recommended prior to casting).

How It Works

CAD details for PENETRON ADMIX RP Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

CAD details for PENETRON ADMIX RP Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture
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CAD Details
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