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SUN-MATE Specification Guide Page - 1. CSI 3-Part Specifications.

SUN-MATE Specification Guide

Energy and Production Efficient Greenhouses
One, Two, or Three Tempered Safety Glass Skinned
or Structured Double Walled Plastic Panel Skinned

The greenhouse structure(s) shall be clear span (or ALL ALUMINUM OR ALUMINUM & HOT DIP ZINC GALVANIZED STEEL PRIMARY SUPPORT FRAME (SEE DETAILS ON OTHER SHEETS). Total areas shall not be less 95% of the area shown on the plans.

(2) SCOPE:
This specification covers the furnishing of the greenhouse structure and glazing only. Does not include site preparation, concrete or masonry, electric, heating, cooling, or other mechanical.

Shop drawings showing complete details shall be submitted by the greenhouse contractor for approval prior to fabrication. No masonry or foundation installations to be made prior to the receipt of approved plans from the greenhouse manufacturer.

     (A) Design members to carry the following loads:
          (1) Dead Load
          (2) Live Load - 15 Ibs. psf on horizontally projected area.
          (3) Wind Load - 20 Ibs. list on vertically projected area.
     (B) In designing for the above loads, the loads may be considered to act in any of the following combinations:
          (1) Dead Load plus Live Load
          (2) Dead Load plus Wind Load plus one-half Live Load.
(NOTE: Special loading design for lighter load low snow areas and heavier loading as needed supplied upon request.)

     (A) Standard clear span (and Model C) widths 17'-9", 21', 26'-1-1/2"-, 34'-6", 42'-10-1/2", and 51'-3" all widths on centers of gutter posts.
(NOTE: Subtract 10-1/2" in planning for eaves two sides, instead of gutters two sides.)
     (C) Standard roof pitch is 6" rise, to each 12" of width, 1:2, or 26-1/2 degree roof pitch above horizontal. A 1:12 mot pitch also available.

     (C) SECONDARY SUPPORT GLASS RECEIVING MEMBERS: To be structural aluminum alloy 6061-T6 or 6005-T5 with a rating of 35,000 psi yield. All other non-load bearing secondary aluminum extrusion framing members may be 6063-T6 with a rating of approximately 25,000 psi yield.

Bobs to be hot dip zinc galvanized steel. Grade 5 bolts to be furnished in high strength locations. Bolts below 1/4" in diameter may be aluminum or stainless steel. All screws to be hot dip zinc galvanized or stainless steel.

     (A) Glass to be bedded in extruded, cross-linked butyl rubber bedding (min. spec.  AAMA804.1 Fed. Spec. TT-C-1796A, Type II Class B) as furnished on Winandy SUN-MATE greenhouses or equal.
     (B) Butyl rubber caulking as supplied on Winandy SUN-MATE greenhouses or equal to be furnished for sealing the top of the glass along side of the roof rafter tongues on the roofs after the glass is laid in place before full-length aluminum caps are screwed in place (Fed. Spec. TT-S-001657.)
     (C) Clear silicone caulking sealer as manufactured by General Electric, Dow Chemical, or equal to be furnished for the filling and sealing of all the 3/4" extenor glass laps on the roofs, and exterior walls as exterior tempered glass is installed in to place (ASTM and Fed. Spec. TT-S- 00230C/ASTMC-920TT-S-001543A Type II Class A.)
     (D) Aluminum caps to be full-length and lap with and secure glass. Caps to be minimum .032" thick #3003-H14 work hardening aluminum alloy.
     (E) If structured plastic panels to be furnished, EPDM rubber seals to be furnished under the aluminum cap and sealing on the top of the structured plastic panel after panels are laid in place.

Structured plastic panel to be LEXAN+ polycarbonate by General Electric or equal or acrylic structured plastic panels as approved by owner or architect for longevity, flammability, maintenance, light transmission or resistance to structural damage.

Structured plastic panel manufacturers full specification and warranty must be submitted to owner. Warranty must at least be equal to the presently available limited 10 year warranty furnished by major manufacturers of structured plastic panels, such as LEXAN by General Electric Company.

(NOTE: Structured plastic panel - glass system must be convertible to one, two, or three tempered safety glass skin when owner may wish to convert to tempered glass skin in the future without needing to replace roof rafters and skin support structures.)

(NOTE: Structured plastic panels should not be installed on north/south ridge oriented greenhouses. To got maximum benefits of the sun through the outer and inner skin of the structured plastic panels, the sun must strike the panels at approximately 90 degrees, so the structural vertical walls do not interfere. The low angle of the winter sun will prevent the 90 degree entry angle almost all day long on north/south ridge oriented greenhouses. East/west ridge oriented greenhouses only present a similar problem in the first quarter of morning and the last quarter of the afternoon.)

     (A) ROOFS: Exterior glass on roofs to be 1/8" clear tempered safety glass.

Standard glass sizes to be 36" wide x 57" or longer to reduce amount of laps, except top finishing glass sizes to be as needed. All glass to be bedded in Winandy butyl rubber bedding or equal, sealed with Winandy butyl rubber caulking or equal on roof, and held in place with full-length aluminum caps.

(NOTE: If maximum permanent sunlight wanted, the glass to be SOLATEX� or equal, low iron, patterned, tempered safety glass with a factory rating of 91% to 94% diffused sunlight transmission in the Nanometer range that the plants need for maximum growth (PAR LIGHT.)

     (B) ROOF INTERIOR GLASS: The interior second or third insulating dead air space forming glass skins to be furnished with dear, tempered safety glass sealed with EPDM rubber and aluminum extrusions.
     (C) EXTERIOR SKINS OF WALLS: Exterior skin to be 1/8" clear tempered safety glass on all vertical glass walls.
     (D) INTERIOR SKINS OF EXTERIOR WALLS: Second or third interior insulating and dead air space forming skins for end or side walls to be clear tempered safety glass (or clear double strength glass for initial economy at owner's option.)

Triple glaze on mid-wall glass skin to be sealed in EPDM rubber or butyl rubber seal and aluminum extrusions. Interior glass skin to be set in Winandy butyl rubber bedding and held in place with full-length aluminum caps.

All exterior and interior roof and wall ventilator glass to be secured in place with full-length aluminum caps.


All exterior glass to be lapped 3/4" and held in place with full-length aluminum caps, which in turn are held in place with stainless steel, self-threading screws. All exterior glass to be bedded in Winandy butyl rubber bedding or equal. All exterior roof glass to be sealed on top with Winandy butyl rubber caulking before aluminum caps go in place. The 3/4" lap on the exterior glass to be sealed with General Electric, or equal, clear silicone sealer as it is lapped and put in place.

(NOTE: All interior glass double or triple glazed for the interior skins to have the capability of being installed or removed after outer tempered glass skin on roof and walls is in place, without disturbing the outer tempered glass skin.)

     (A) Roof rafters to be equipped with STAINLESS STEEL, DOUBLE HEADED SCAFFOLDING SCREWS for ease and safety of scaffolding now and in the future.
     (B) Roof rafters to be furnished with the capability of adding a second dead air space forming inner skin of tempered glass at any time needed in the future without disturbing the outer skin.
     (C) At owner's option and specification roof rafters to be furnished with the capability of adding two dead air space forming inner tempered safety glass skins at any time in the future without disturbing the outer skin.
(NOTE: Roof rafters to be furnished with a channel shaped bottom at least 1/2" wider than the top glass seat. Bottom channel to serve as condensate or water conducting channels, as required.)

     (A) All rafters to be furnished with the capability of adding second inner dead air space forming skin at any time in the future without disturbing the outer skin.
     (B) At owner's option and specification, wall rafters to be furnished with the capability of adding two dead air spacing forming inner skins of tempered or double strength glass without disturbing the outer skin.

Wall ventilators to be furnished of extruded aluminum and with hook and hook continuous sockets designed so that if a center section of ventilator is damaged, that section can be removed without dismantling and sliding out the entire length or run of ventilators. All roof and wall ventilators to be designed so that they can be furnished with single tempered safety glass skin on the exterior and have the option of the owner to add a second dead air space forming insulating tempered skin on the inside of the roof or wall ventilators without disturbing the outer skin in the future.

     (A) Provide rack and pinion operators with hardened steel sprocket pinions and hardened steel, roller chain drive with steel roller bearings at points of wear. (Rack and pinions with the points of wear of soft aluminum cut racks and pinions not acceptable.) Rack and pinion operators to be furnished for any ventilation operating sections of aluminum and glass ventilators in excess of 75' in length, and all outside vantilator operators.
     (B) Elbow arm operators of cast iron and hot dip zinc galvanized steel to be furnished for ventilator runs up to 75 linear feet in length.
     (C) Electric thermostatic or manual switch operated vent machines shall be furnished for elbow arm or rack and pinion operators to operate runs of roof or wall glass glazed ventilators up to 500 linear feet of glass glazed ventilators.

(NOTE: Call or write for detailed specifications on ATLAS elbow arm vent machine or SAMPSON, SUPER SAMPSON, BRUTE, and MAXI-BRUTE rack and pinion electric motorized vent machines of full range of capacities up to 500' of glass ventilators and longer, if for plastic panels.)

(16) DOORS:
     (A) PERSONNEL DOORS: 3'-0" x 6'-8" x 1-3/4" thick extruded, tubular, anodized aluminum doors with joints hairline. Doors to be glazed with tempered safety glass and equipped with stainless steel key-in-knob lock sets. Standard size double (French) doors, consisting of two 3'-0' x 6'-8" x 1-3/4" thick are available.
     (B) OVERHEAD DOORS: Wood, aluminum frame and fiberglass, or insulated energy efficient  overhead doors of all sizes available at owner's option.

Furnish aluminum framed screens for all roof and wall ventilator openings. Screens must be furnished with 20 x 20 aluminum wire mesh. All rack and pinion or elbow arm openings to be equipped with nylon brush insect guards. Screens are to be individual, easily removable, and repairable.

NOTE: Call or write for complete specifications on "SUN-MATE" new or re-skin systems, cooling, heat, and plant benches.

NOTE: 1 Tempered safety glass skin purchased now can easily have a 2nd or 3rd tempered glass skin added later without disturbing the outer skin.



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