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Series 5500 Thermal Fixed Window. CSI 3-Part Specifications.

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Series 5500 Thermal Fixed Window

Gerkin Windows & Doors Series 5500 is a 2-3/8" Commercial Grade Fixed Window with superior performance capabilities. The series has a poured-in-place thermal break. This window meets or exceeds all AAMA commercial design and performance criteria. The Series 5500 Fixed Window complements the 5100, 5200, and 5300 Series Windows in horizontal or vertical stacking configurations. A complete line of subframing, panning, mullions, and other accessories is also available.

1.01 Work Included
A. Furnish and install commercial aluminum windows complete with hardware and related components as shown on drawings and specified in this section.
B. All windows shall be Gerkin Windows & Doors Series 5500 Fixed Windows. Other manufacturers requesting approval to bid their product as an equal must submit the following information fifteen days prior to close of bidding.
Gerkin Model Numbers:
5510 - 1 Lite
5520 - 2 Lite
5530 - 3 Equal Lite
5540 - 4 Equal Lite
5550 - 3 Lite Picture
� Custom configurations are available �
1. Sample window
2. Test reports and AAMA Notice of Certification documenting compliance with requirements of Section 1.04.
C. Glass and Glazing
� Specify glass and glazing in this section if window assemblies are to be glazed by the window manufacturer. If glazing is to be done by a different contractor, glass and glazing should be specified in section 08800. Gerkin Windows & Doors recommends that the window manufacturer performs the glazing. �

1.02 Related Work

1.03 Items Furnished but not Installed

1.04 Testing and Performance Requirements
A. Test Units
1. Air, water and structural test unit sizes and configurations shall conform to requirements set forth in ANSI/AAMA 101-88.
B. Test Procedures and Performance
1. Windows shall conform to all ANSI/AAMA 101-88 C-80 requirements for the window type referenced in 1.01.B. In addition, the following specific performance requirements shall be met.
2. Air Infiltration Test
a. With window sash and ventilator closed and locked, test unit in accordance with ASTM E 283-84 at static air pressure difference of 6.24 psf.
b. Air infiltration shall be less than 0.01 cfm per square foot.
3. Water Resistance Test
a. With window sash and ventilator closed and locked, test unit in accordance with ASTM E 547-86 at static air pressure difference of 15.00 psf.
b. There shall be no uncontrolled water leakage.
4. Uniform Load Structural Test
a. With window sash and ventilator closed and locked, test unit in accordance with ASTM E 330-84 at a static air pressure difference of 120 psf positive pressure and 120 psf negative pressure.
b. At the conclusion of test there shall be no glass breakage, permanent damage to fasteners, hardware parts, support arms or operating mechanism, nor any other damage which would cause the window to be inoperable.

1.05 Quality Assurance
A. Provide test reports from AAMA accredited laboratories certifying the performance as specified in 1.04.

1.06 References

1.07 Submittals
A. Contractors shall submit shop drawings, finish samples, test reports, and warranties.
1. Samples of materials as may be requested without cost to owner, i.e., Metal, Glass, Fasteners, Anchors, Frame Sections, Mullion Section, Corner Section, etc.

1.08 Delivery, Storage, and Handling

1.09 Warranties
A. Total Window system
1. The responsible contractor shall assume full responsibility and warrant for one year the satisfactory performance of the total window installation which includes that of the windows, glass (including insulated units), glazing, anchorage, and setting system, sealing, flashing, etc. as it relates to air, water and structural adequacy as called for in the specifications and approved shop drawings.
2. Any deficiencies due to such elements not meeting the specifications shall be corrected by the responsible contractor at his expense during warranty period.

2.01 Materials
A. Aluminum
1. Extruded aluminum shall be 6063-T5 alloy and temper.
B. Hardware
� Not Applicable �
C. Weatherstrip
� Not Applicable �
D. Glass and Glazing
� Gerkin Windows & Doors recommends that the window manufacturer finish and factory glaze the glass as specified by the architect. For this reason it is desirable that glass and glazing be part of this section. The 5500 Series is available with 1" insulated glazing or 5/8" insulated glazing. Please contact Gerkin Windows & Doors if glazing other than what is listed is required. �
E. Thermal Barrier
1. Barrier material shall be poured-in-place two part polyurethane. A non-structural thermal barrier is unacceptable.

2.02 Fabrication
A. General
1. All aluminum frame members and sash extrusions shall have a minimum wall thickness of .063".
2. Mechanical fasteners, welded components and hardware items shall not bridge thermal barriers. Thermal barriers shall align at all frame and sash corners.
3. Depth of frame shall not be less than 2-3/8".
B. Frame
1. Frame components shall be mechanically fastened.
C. Sash
� Not Applicable �
D. Screens (Optional)
� Not Applicable �
E. Glazing
1. Units shall be "wet glaze" with a snap-in aluminum extruded glazing bead and a neoprene drive-in gasket on the interior side of glass. The exterior side of glass shall be set against a continuous closed cell foam tape with a continuous cap bead of General Electric SCS 1001 or equal.
F. Finish
1. Organic
a. Finish all exposed areas of aluminum windows and components with AAMA 603.8-85 or 605.2-85 pigmented organic coating. Color to be __________. � Standard colors are an Earth-tone Bronze and Brilliant White. Other colors are also available on request. CallGerkin for additional information. �
2. Anodic
a. Finish all exposed areas of aluminum windows and components with electrolytically deposited color in accordance with Aluminimum Association Designation AA-M12-C22-A44 Class I Dark Bronze Anodize AAMA 608.1. � Standard colors is Class I Dark Bronze Anodized. Other colors are also available on request. �

3.01 Job Condition
A. Verify that openings are dimensionally within allowable tolerances, plumb, level, clean, providing a solid anchoring surface and are in accordance with approved shop drawings.

3.02 Installation
A. Use only skilled tradesmen with work done in accordance with approved shop drawings and specifications.
B. Plumb and align window faces in a single plane for each wall plane and erect windows and materials square and true. Window to be adequately anchored to maintain positions permanently when subjected to normal thermal and building movement and specified wind loads.
C. Adjust windows for proper operation after installation.
D. Furnish and apply sealants to provide a weathertight installation at all joints and intersections and at opening perimeters. Wipe off excess material and leave all exposed surfaces and joints clean and smooth.

3.04 Adjusting and Cleaning
A. After completion of window installation, windows shall be inspected, adjusted, put into working order and left clean, free of labels, shipping pads, dirt, etc. Protection from this point shall be the responsibility of the general contractor.

� Note to spec writers only, not to be included in specification �


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