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Cluster Box Units: Mailbox Options for Nontraditional Multifamily Residences


Cluster Box Units: Mailbox Options for Nontraditional Multifamily Residences

When you hear the term “multifamily housing,” chances are apartment buildings, condominium complexes, or even townhomes come to mind. And such multifamily residences do have centralized mail delivery.

But centralized mail delivery can also apply to nontraditional multifamily areas like single-family developments, thanks to a 2012 revision of the USPS Postal Operations Manual. The revision gave the USPS authority to determine how deliveries are made to new stops and, whenever possible, the USPS will specify centralized mail delivery because it is the most efficient and cost effective method of mail delivery.

Whether you’re a developer, architect, contractor, or property manager, you’ll need to know your options when planning mail delivery needs for multifamily residences, including less traditional single-family developments. (And the earlier you plan, the better!)

So, what are the options for mailboxes in multifamily settings?

The two main product solutions for centralized mail delivery include:

Ideal in single-family residential neighborhoods, CBUs:
  • Feature standard, preconfigured units;
  • Accommodate 8-16 residents per unit, making it less expensive than individual mailboxes for the same number of residents;
  • Adhere to USPS installation specifications;
  • Include convenient, secure outgoing mail collection compartments;
  • Come in a variety of colors to complement the look and feel of a development.

CBUs also include built-in package lockers as well as stand-alone package locker options. These convenient solutions ensure larger mail items and packages can be delivered the first time, saving trips to the post office, and are often needed due to the rise in online retail and package delivery. (While the USPS requires one package locker for every 10 mailbox compartments, Florence recommends one for every six!)

A variety of accessories like decorative caps and pedestals are also available for CBUs. These accessories can help customize the mailboxes, making them match the community’s appearance.

CBUs are easy to install and can be a great solution for many traditional and nontraditional multifamily residences.

In our next blog, we’ll go into more detail about the other primary centralized mailbox option: STD-4C mailboxes.

Until then, check out our products page for more information on all our residential mailboxes, and find out more about centralized mail delivery on our blog.

About Florence Manufacturing

Florence Manufacturing began in 1934 as a small company in a downtown Chicago garage. Since then, we’ve grown to become an industry leader, setting the pace for innovation in centralized mail delivery.

From our first patent, we’ve continually perfected USPS Approved and Private Delivery products and accessories. At Florence, we guarantee that all of our products meet the highest standards of security and durability. We also ensure that your centralized mail equipment is crafted within ISO-certified quality production and environmental standards at our vertically integrated facility. Plus, we’re proud to say our product lines are made in the USA!

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