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Mini Storage Lockers and Mini Gatekeepers from Florence Manufacturing


Mini Storage Lockers and Mini Gatekeepers from Florence Manufacturing

The virtual explosion of personal electronics used by consumers has forced facility operations managers to think about managing security and protecting privacy in new ways. Nearly every person now carries a cell phone with them, capable of taking photos and in most cases also recording audio and video. Our culture has changed such that pictures are no longer personal – they are something to be shared – and
essentially everything within sight is viewed as fair game and within seconds can end up posted on social media.

So it’s no surprise that new rules about cell phone use – or misuse – have cropped up in many public facilities! But enforcing rules limiting cell phone and other electronic device use is sometimes very difficult to manage. The Mini Storage Locker was developed to help facility managers enforce cell phone rules in a whole different way, a physical logistical way, by providing a temporary location to securely store small electronic devices to completely eliminate the temptation to text, email, or snap a picture at an inappropriate moment.

Government venues such as police stations, some military base offices, prisons and correctional facilities have been some of the early adopters of these small temporary storage systems. In fact, States such as Florida, passed legislation almost ten years ago that banned use and possession of cell phones and other electronic devices in their courtrooms (visit for details). Other facilities that have benefited from offering convenience-related temporary personal storage is public fitness centers and entertainment/amusement parks, as well as manufacturing operations and distribution centers where photos are prohibited within the facility.

And now, multifamily communities are recognizing benefits from offering their residents the own personal “concierge boxes”. With the Mini Gatekeeper - which includes a user-defined resettable lock – a small locker can be shared, or dedicated, to a resident for a myriad of personal uses – generally related to temporary key storage. Regardless of the reason or need, these secure storage lockers provide an excellent solution for the temporary storage of small valuables, making it easier for you to enforce cell phone restrictions while providing added convenience for your residents and patrons.

These mini lockers are convenient for any facility where cell phones are not allowed, or when temporary storage of small valuables such as keys, wallet, jewelry/watches, or other electronic devices are needed. This adaptable solution can be used in large quantities at main entrances or distributed throughout a facility.

Unlike other small storage lockers on the market today, Florence’s Mini product line can be configured to the size of your specific application.

Mini Storage Lockers: Applications and Uses

  • Education and Military Installations - For those occasions when a student must enter a facility without belongings or there are cell phone bans for a restricted area, these secure lockers are the perfect solution.

  • Law Enforcement and Government Facilities - A friendlier way to enforce cell phone restrictions and ensure personal privacy is to provide a secure location to temporarily store small electronics

  • Fitness Facilities - Too many times large lockers are quickly taken up with patrons who really only need a place to store their keys. Free up that space for others by also offering mini storage lockers.

  • Factories and Warehouses - Ensure your intellectual property and trade secrets are not shared publicly by providing a secure place for employees and visitors to store cell phones and recording devices.
Mini Gatekeeper: Applications and Uses
Multi-family Communities - The Mini Gatekeeper™ provides residents with individual courtesy boxes which can provide temporary storage of small pocket items or a convenient means of key management.

Why a Mini Gatekeeper?
Multi-family community staff members are constantly assisting residents with managing access to their residences for various service providers, like cleaning services or dog walkers, or even those unexpected family members showing up for a surprise visit!

The Mini Gatekeeper by Florence Manufacturing takes the hassle away from staff by providing residents with a convenient method of providing secure, controlled access to their personal residence.

As an added benefit, residents will love the ability to use their personal Mini GatekeeperTM to temporarily store “pocket” items such as cell phones, wallets, or keys while they exercise or run errands.

Download the 2015 Mini Storage Lockers Catalog

Download the 2015 Full Line Catalog Now!

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About Florence Manufacturing

Florence Manufacturing began in 1934 as a small company in a downtown Chicago garage. Since then, we have grown to become an industry leader, setting the pace for innovation in centralized mail delivery.

From our first patent, we’ve continually perfected USPS Approved and Private Delivery products and accessories. At Florence, we guarantee that all of our products meet the highest standards of security and durability. We also ensure that your centralized mail equipment is crafted within ISO-certified quality production and environmental standards at our vertically integrated facility. Plus, we’re proud to say our product lines are made in the USA!

Outside of our wide range of products, our experienced engineers can also design a customized installation specific to your needs. In the past, they’ve lent their talents to create unique, specialized product installations for corporations from the Las Vegas Strip to New York’s Wall Street to government agencies in Saudi Arabia and everything in between.

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