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About Site Furnishings

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Site Furnishings

Create inviting social spaces with outdoor furniture

Site furnishings supply the finishing touches that complete a design of a street, park, or commercial site. Add beauty and function to outdoor spaces with well-designed outdoor furniture in attractive styles and durable materials.


Thoughtful planners place trash bins, seats, and other amenities in key locations. A well-placed waste receptacle prevents litter being tossed to the ground—especially helpful near food service and retail. Add benches to create spaces where people can meet or have their lunch. Seating also offers a place of rest that welcomes shoppers, walkers, parents, and those with mobility issues.

Beautiful streetscapes

Well-appointed site furnishings help a streetscape look cared for. Choose styles that match local architecture and vegetation. Street furniture also helps create a sense of place, from the iconic New York World Fair benches to London’s bollards.

“Sticky” spaces

Urban planner Brent Toderian coined the term “sticky streets” to describe urban road areas that draw people in and invite them to stay, rather than simply being a way of moving vehicle traffic. When people linger, they create community, support local businesses, and enliven neighborhoods. Parks and other areas can also be “sticky.” Protected pedestrian spaces with a combination of amenities, site furnishings, trees, plants, and public art enhance a street’s appeal. This appeal attracts businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

CAD details for Site Furnishings

CAD details for Site Furnishings
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