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About Lighting & Lamp Posts

Lighting & Lamp Posts

Commercial Lamp Posts

Our resin blended commercial lamp posts are economical and decorative

We have 45 years of experience with commercial projects, and we are equipped to assist you every step of the way. From proposals and design, to shipping and installation, we provide innovative products and superior service, saving you time and money.

First Sight

Your landscape is the first thing people see, before they arrive at your facility or building, and the lighting is part of the landscape. Day or night, old, rusty steel or discolored concrete light poles can mar the beauty of a meticulously manicured courtyard or entrance. We can offer you, or help you design, a set of classy, durable lighting and site furnishings that will beautify your grounds.



Residential Light Poles

Decorative lamp posts are a great way to enhance your night-time landscape

Your home, the land it sits on, and your neighborhood are your own little slice of heaven. We light the night for beauty, safety, and security. TerraCast® leads the way with up-front and over-time savings, plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with innovative, maintenance-free products. Now that’s heavenly!


Light poles illuminate the night and shed light in the dark so we can see where we’re going, what we’re doing, and what’s going on around us. During the day, they’re still starkly visible, so a beautiful, maintenance-free option is always the best choice. TerraCast® is the number one manufacturer in the world for innovative resin products.

Our Classic PolySteel® lampposts weigh five to ten times LESS than light poles made from metal or concrete. They’re less costly to make, ship and install, making them lighter on your budget.



Lamp Post Poles

Our high quality lamp post poles will last long while fitting your design needs

TerraCast® Products has been helping municipalities, builders and lighting contractors solve maintenance and longevity challenges since 1984 through our original Classic Lamp Posts division. The solution to these challenges of maintaining the classic design of architectural decorative light posts while eliminating the rusting, paint peeling and fading generally experienced by most light poles before they need to be painted is TerraCast® Products’ proprietary PolySteel™ construction.

This solution provides a pole that replicates the classic bell shape base or elongated fluted base and decorative fluted stem design while providing a pole that will never need to be painted, all the while repelling the sun’s ultraviolet rays to maintain its deep black 19th century look. The material is color through, which means there’s no paint to chip. In combination with LED powered light fixtures and the classic design, the PolySteel™ posts will provide extended years of maintenance free satisfaction.



Light Post Bases

If you can’t replace it, re-base it!

Generally speaking, the base of a traditional light pole has seams and the inside of the base is not powder coated or enamel finished. That’s where salt and moisture in the air gets in and corrosion begins. At TerraCast®, we know that you can’t always go on a replacing spree just because you found a superior product. Like cell phones, you have to wait until it makes sense to invest in the new model. That’s why we offer a line of resin pole bases.

Our resin lamppost base affixes easily to your existing light pole to protect the vulnerable spots at the bottom, where moisture seeps in, creating an entry point for corrosion. Our bases can easily affix to your current light pole to protect the metal pole and base. Though not designed to reverse the effects of corrosion, our bases are excellent at eliminating additional entry points.




Beautify your streetscapes while creating safety barriers

Bollards are short, ground-mounted, outdoor light fixtures that are generally used to provide “cutoff illumination” for walkways, pathways and borders for lawns or other outdoor areas. They are commonly seen in rows between foot and vehicle areas, separated by a few feet to prevent cars from passing into the pedestrian area.

Our PolySteel® bollard is a reproduction of the wharf posts historically found in many U.S. seaports in the early 1900s. Our lighted bollard makes a handsome driveway or commercial entrance marker and an elegant accouterment for pathway, courtyard or garden lighting.



Decorative Street Sign Posts

The TerraCast® Decorative Street Sign Posts are hollow, decorative, fluted shells made of UV inhibited Resins that will never rust, corrode, or peel.

Designed for use with 2.25″ – 3” diameter and “U” Channel posts that utilize direct burial in concrete, the TerraCast® Decorative Shells are available in 6’ 4” to 12’ heights. This skin-type decorative shell will not affect the breakaway features of your existing poles.

TerraCast’s Resin Poles are color-thru which means if the pole is ever gouged, the area will be much less conspicuous in showcasing the damage. The integrity of the decorative shell will not be compromised as if the damage were to occur to a metal or aluminum pole.. Our poles are an excellent solution to the dreaded careless landscaper whom, by edging, weed whacks the paint and powder coat off decorative poles. Say goodbye to corrosion caused by pet urination that routinely damage inferior decorative poles. The superior non-porous resin is impervious to sun, rain, road salt and salt water. The TerraCast® Decorative Shell will encapsulate standard 2.25″ – 3” poles and “U” channels to protect the core from the elements.




Change the style and look of your cityscape or home with TerraCast luminaire

Terracast Post Tops

Luminaire is the industry term for “light fixture.” TerraCast® offers a brilliant line of scintillating post-top lanterns to finish your new or existing light poles or bollards. Illuminate your grounds and your life with TerraCast® Luminaires.


Our line of Luminaires includes several shapes and styles, from the simple, classic globe (seen often on docks and near pools), to the traditional decorative post top seen lining Main Street, USA. We have a wide selection of different shapes and styles, from simple to deco, traditional to contemporary.



Post Top Fitters

We offer the top of the line post top fitters for your lighting needs

Designed for both commercial and residential use, our post top fitters are offered in polycarbonate or cast aluminum to fit many applications. All of our post top fitters are designed to slip over standard 3” post for an effortless installation.

Our polycarbonate post top globe fitters are made of UV resistant and impact resistant material that will last a long time. They are lightly textured with a black or white color option to complement your lamp post. Decorative cast aluminum options enhance the look of your lamp posts with a high-quality powder coat finish resistant to chipping or scratching. Standard color is black.



Replacement Globes

Refresh or completely change the look and feel of your lamp posts with new globes

From a standard round shape to a classic Acorn or Victorian shape, TerraCast®’s line of globes is offered in the materials resistant to UV, weathering and aging for a low maintenance and shatter-free replacement option. Our durable and impact resistant materials make our replacement globes last longer and more reliable. Depending on the style, the globes are available in polycarbonate, acrylic, or polyethylene in various sizes, colors and textures to fit many application needs.

Some styles and sizes are available in our quick ship program. Contact us for more details.



Post Covers

Give your existing lightpost a makeover, with our post covers

Restoration not Replacement

TerraCast® knows how involved it is to go about replacing one light-pole or signpost, never mind the trouble it causes when the need arises to change light poles for an entire area. That’s why we have come up with a very unique solution to protect, reinforce, and beautify your existing poles. We have developed an outer shell, like the outer layer on our PolySteel® classic lampposts. We’ve designed it as a resin sleeve to fit over your existing posts.



Finials & Caps

Putting the finishing touches on your lamp post configuration

Add a final touch to your lamp posts or street signs with TerraCast®’s line of decorative finals and caps. Our finials and caps are made with durable cast aluminum material with a high-quality powder coat finish in a variety of colors and textures to complete the look of your lamp posts or street signs. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. Colors stay bright and vibrant longer.



Mailboxes and Posts

Our high quality mailboxes and posts are made to last and stand up to all elements

A Terracast mailbox is made to be super rigid using a combination of steel, resin and foam. This will allow the unit to be lightweight, strong, and be able to stand up to the weather. We use the same manufacturing process to make them as we do our commercial grade light poles. Just like our other products, these will not rot and fall apart. If they do, we will replace them at no charge!

Replace your current mailbox with one from Terracast and you will be able to enjoy it for many years without any issues.

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications

Brochures for Lighting & Lamp Posts

Brochures for Lighting & Lamp Posts
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Planters Catalog
Planters Catalog
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Base Capabilities Catalog
Base Capabilities Catalog
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Site Furnishings Catalog
Site Furnishings Catalog
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Planter Color Chart
Standard Planter Color Chart
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Decorative Lamp Posts
Decorative Lamp Posts
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3-Part CSI specifications for Lighting & Lamp Posts

3-Part CSI specifications for Lighting & Lamp Posts
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A compilation of references that provides data regarding the application of resin

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