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Wausau Made and Tectura Designs: Different in Style, Synonymous in Impeccable Quality


As the latest step in our legacy of industry-leading innovation, Wausau Tile has launched two new brands to serve architects, landscape architects and building professionals of all disciplines: Tectura Designs and Wausau Made. Each brand has a distinct look and unique product portfolio, but both are synonymous with the impeccable quality and collaborative, responsive service that you’ve come to expect from Wausau Tile.

Tectura Designs

Tectura Designs is a manufacturer of premier architectural products including pavers, site furnishings, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile.

Tectura is the choice for the world's leading architects and designers, and its unrivaled custom capabilities help bring any vision to life.

  • Site Furnishings - Elevate any space from banal to beautiful with Tectura Designs’ contemporary site furnishings – from strong, beautiful benches to stunning, sleek tables to bold, unique bollards and more. Capture attention with custom signage, or add a pop of color with the perfect planter. Make a tribute to a loved one, classmate or friend by inscribing a message, logo or symbol on any of our products. Whether you seek a captivating centerpiece or an elegant finishing touch, Tectura Designs’ site furnishings will make your project unforgettable – for years to come.

  • Pavers - Beautify outdoor walkways, decks, pool areas and other spaces with our elegant on-grade and rooftop pavers. Choose from stunning, symmetrical designs or captivating, modular compositions available in myriad textures and looks. Keep pedestrians safe with detectable warning pavers. Navigate the challenges of a pitched surface or rooftop with our pedestal system, or create a dazzling and secure rooftop deck with our Lok-Down wind uplift resistance system. Whatever your vision, Tectura Designs pavers provide the perfect foundation.

  • Terrazzo Tile and Slab - Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with our attention to even the smallest details, makes our terrazzo tile the perfect choice for your next project. Tectura Designs is the only domestic manufacturer of cementitious precast terrazzo tile, and our terrazzo tile meets the California Department of Health Services VOC emissions requirements for use in classroom and office environments. It also qualifies as a low-emitting material in the CHPS system and for the USGBC LEED v3 for commercial interiors, EQ credit 4.3 low-emitting flooring system.

  • Custom Precast Concrete - Your project is your canvas, and Tectura Designs’ custom precast concrete provides the palette for painting your next masterpiece. From stunning streetscapes to cascading stairs to contoured curbing, the applications are endless. Concrete wall panels, columns, retaining walls, coping and balustrades are just a glimpse into Tectura Designs’ PCI-certified capabilities. We look forward to creating complex, custom pieces to meet your precise specifications.

  • Custom Precast Terrazzo - Timeless tradition, cutting-edge technology, endless innovation and detailed design converge in our sought-after custom precast terrazzo. Tectura Designs is a leading manufacturer of this carefully crafted composite, which creates beautiful, unique and lasting surfaces. The perfect solution for everything from floors to countertops and wall treatments to stairs – our custom precast terrazzo will breathe new life into any project.

Wausau Made

Wausau Made is the nation's trusted provider of durable concrete, metal and plastic site furnishings.

Wausau Made's vast selection of benches, chairs, tables, bollards, planters, waste and recycling containers, and other furnishings guarantee dependability, functionality and affordability.

  • Benches & Chairs - Whatever your outdoor seating needs, Wausau Made's concrete and metal chairs and benches are the dependable, low-maintenance choice to finish your project with style. Add a weather-resilient concrete bench to your sidewalk, or a strong-but-beautiful chair to complement a serene park trail. Our durable seating products are available in a variety of finishes, colors and styles. And like all Wausau Made products, these benches and chairs are built to last.

  • Bollards - Wausau Made bollards of all shapes and sizes offer dependable solutions for security, traffic flow and numerous other applications – while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any project. Whether spherical, cylindrical or mimicking the contour of natural stone, our bollards are constructed of steel rebar encased in concrete to provide superior strength and protection. Choose from a near-endless array of colors, textures and finishes.

  • Park Furnishings - Transform any park from boring to beautiful. Refresh your outdoor plaza with a dual water fountain. Deliver a slam dunk with our unique, durable basketball stands. Satisfy cyclists with our surface-mount and in-ground bike racks, which are available in a wide variety of designs and double as protective bollards. Don't forget to check out our wide array of tables and seating, too. We have everything you need to spruce up your outdoor space with the dependable, affordable quality you’ve come to expect from Wausau Made.

  • Planters - There's no more dependable and cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your project than by adding Wausau Made planters. Simply add flowers or greenery to our planters and watch your project – but not your budget – bloom. While enhancing aesthetic value, our durable concrete planters also enhance safety. Our planters – which are also available in metal and plastic – come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors to suit any project's needs.

  • Concrete Signs - Make a powerful statement with Wausau Made's concrete signs. Select from a variety of standard styles, or let us tailor custom signage to fit your project. These durable signs will convey the message you want at the price you demand.

  • Snuffers - Pick your favorite standalone snuffer or affix one to a matching trash receptacle. Our many options – available in concrete, metal or plastic – offer a multitude of solutions for safe cigarette disposal.

  • Tables - For the most dependable outdoor tables on the market, look no further than Wausau Made. Our assortment of styles and configurations can seat between two and eight people and feature surface-mounted or in-ground installation. Whether you need outdoor seating for a fast-food restaurant, an intimate café patio, a corporate campus or a park setting, Wausau Made has the perfect table for any outdoor needs. You can also provide shaded comfort with our umbrella-ready offerings, or explore our numerous other options.

  • Waste Containers - There’s a reason Wausau Made’s waste and recycling receptacles are the trusted choice for many of the world’s largest companies. Our concrete waste containers feature full rebar caging for superior strength and durability, while our metal and plastic varieties are the ideal choice for a breadth of interior and exterior applications. Whether you need a single waste container for your storefront or 10,000 for your retail chain, Wausau Made’s affordable, durable products are the best you’ll find.

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