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Sewer and Pipe Joint Sealing (33 01 30.61)


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Other Companies for Sewer and Pipe Joint Sealing

Other Companies for Sewer and Pipe Joint Sealing
RFI Company Description City, state Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
A-Lok Products, Inc. A-LOK set forth with a single commitment: to manufacture and develop ecological-responsive wastewater products that are the solutions to customer and industry. In the early 1970's, the primary concern of the wastewater construction industry was wate... Bristol, PA       URL
AGRU/America, Inc. Agru America, Inc. is the only U.S. Manufacturer using the flat die extrusion calendered process to produce structured geomembranes for the U.S. and International civil/environmental market. Georgetown, SC       URL
Avanti Intl. Avanti International supplies chemical grouts that stop leaks in sewers, manholes, and concrete structures such as dams, tunnels, vaults, parking garages, etc. Avanti grouts are also used in soil stabilization and waste remediation projects. Webster, TX       URL
Cresline-West Cresline is unique in that we offer a full range of piping products for a wide variety of uses throughout the U.S. and do so with our industry's most extensive range of plastics of PVC, Polyethylene, ABS, and CPVC including FlowGuard GoldĀ®. Phoenix, AZ       URL
InduMar Products, Inc. InduMar Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Stop It(r) Pipe Repair System, a water-activated resin coated fiberglass used for repair to all types of pipes. Houston, TX       URL
Insituform Technologies, Inc. Insituform is a leading provider of proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating municipal sewers, water mains and industrial piping systems without digging and disruption. St. Louis, MO       URL
Mar-Tech Underground Services Mar-Tech\u0092s fifty plus years of experience and commitment to total pipeline service makes us one of the most knowledgeable pipeline inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation companies in the industry. Our pool of experience allows us to confide... Langley, BC (CA)       URL
Prime Resins, Inc. Manufacturing a complete line of chemical grout and epoxy resin products. Specializing in products for concrete repair, water infiltration, sewer and manhole rehab. Conyers, GA       URL
Public Sewer Service PUBLIC SEWER SERVICE is a full service sewer maintenance contractor. We specialize in sewer and drain cleaning, video sewer inspection, sewer ejector pumps and the entire sanitary and storm sewer system. Wallington, NJ       URL
Royston Laboratories leader in industrial corrosion protection innovative products for protection against corrosion, high temperature epoxy, field applied joint epoxy, corrosion preventive coating for wet surfaces, protect pipelines and infrastructure from corrosion, wa... Pittsburgh, PA       URL
Smith-Blair, Inc. Smith-Blair, Inc. is the industry leader in manufacturing water, wasterwater treatment, gas and oilfield products including pipe repair clamps, couplings, joint restraints, tapping sleeves, expansion joints, flanged coupling adapters and other pipe ... Texarkana, TX       URL

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