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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl plank and tile flooring offers the look of ceramic tile, stone, hardwood or other contemporary designs at a fraction of the cost.

A favorite of do-it-yourselfer, vinyl offers easy installation, especially with "peel-and-stick" options that have a self-adhesive covered with a peel-off backing. Tiles without the backing require an adhesive that is spread over the floor with a notched trowel, yet this job can be performed by a non-professional relatively easily.

At, we carry a wide range of vinyl styles at different prices to help you find exactly what will work with your project.

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09600 - Flooring
09650 - Resilient Flooring
09651 - Resilient Tile Flooring
09 60 00 - Flooring
09 65 00 - Resilient Flooring
09 65 13 - Resilient Base and Accessories
09 65 16 - Resilient Sheet Flooring
09 65 19 - Resilient Tile Flooring

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