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About Accessories


All VERSI-FOAM® Systems (other than System I) include a gun/hose assembly and a packet containing ten mixing nozzles. In the event that the kit was not functioning properly due to too long of time between uses or extreme humidity causing a clog on the "A" component side of the gun, replacement gun and hose assemblies are available for purchase.
All mediums size kits use the 7-1/2 foot gun/hose assembly complete with a packet of ten mixing nozzles, part number G07.5C.
All large size kits use the 15 foot gun/hose assembly complete with a packet of ten mixing nozzles, part number G15C.
In addition, a 30 foot gun and hose assembly is available and can ONLY be used with the large size kits. Please be aware that the systems are pressurized with sufficient nitrogen to evacuate tanks using the length of hose that is standard equipment (as listed above). Using longer hoses may result in insufficient pressure to completely evacuate the tanks.

All VERSI-FOAM® Systems (other than System I) include ten mixing nozzles. These nozzles snap into the front of the gun, and it is the only place in the system where the two chemicals are mixed together and they actually become foam. It is for this reason that the nozzle must be changed every time dispensing has been stopped for longer than the tack free time. In the majority of our systems, that is 30 to 45 seconds. If your application requires numerous small shots, it may be necessary to purchase extra mixing nozzles. The multipurpose nozzle and the extending mixing nozzle are available for purchase in any quantity.

For applications in which a fanned spray is desired, an optional accessory is available to achieve this pattern. The accessory consists of two parts, and extended mixing nozzle with a threaded end, and a fan spray tip that screws onto the threaded end. This accessory will work with all VERSI-FOAM® Systems. The high density foam formulas in the VERSI-FOAM® System 10 and System 33 include the extended mixing nozzle as a standard part of the kit. In addition, if a spray pattern is desired using the high density foam, the fan tip greatly improves the spray pattern ensuring a surface texture that you will be pleased with.

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07200 - Thermal Protection
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