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3-Part CSI specifications  

Jobber Computer Plus software program

Fig. 1 Right Triangle Solver, Fig. 2 Stair Solver, Fig. 3 Roof Truss/Rafter Solver with customized color schemes, Fig. 4 Adjust Your Visability, Fig. 5 Display Only View with customized color schemes, Fig. 6 Stair Solver Help, Fig. 7 Truss/Rafter Solver Help

Is a large majority of your time spent in front of a computer? Tired of having clutter all over your desk? Then maybe the Jobber Computer Plus software is exactly what you need. The Jobber Computer Plus is a windows based program that can run with any windows based CAD program on the market. It was designed will all the features of the Jobber 5 and 6 plus much, much more. Below are some examples what the Jobber Computer Plus is capable of performing.

Solve every type of problem you encounter without every looking away from your computer screen. Maximize and Minimize the Jobber Computer Plus without leaving your project. Once you become familiar with the Jobber Computer Plus, you have the ability to adjust only what you you want to see and use the keyboard to enter your inputs. The Jobber Computer Plus will give you Optional Pop-Up help windows for solving Right Triangles, Oblique Triangles, Circles, Stairs (Fig. 6), and Truss/Rafters (Fig. 7) if you desire. (These images have been decreased to 50% is size)

Preprogrammed to AUTOMATICALLY solve & perform these functions:

  • Right Triangle Solver
  • Oblique Triangle Solver
  • Circles and Segments of a Circle Solver
  • Stair Solver
  • Roof Trusses and Rafter Solver
  • Decimal degrees
  • Hip/Valley (Developed Pitch and Tangent)
  • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
  • Area of Triangles, Circles, Rectangles, Squares
  • Area and Depth automatically calculates Volume
  • Area will work with sq. feet, yards, inches, meters, acres, squares
  • Volume units of cubic feet, yards, meters, gallons, liters, board feet
  • Unit Price and Total Cost
Some other features include:
  • Paperless Tape (review last 20 entries)
  • 8 memories for storage and recall
  • Fully functional with the mouse or keyboard
  • Customize color schemes for text and display
  • All items in memory remain even if the calculator is turned off.
  • Fully compatible with all current Windows versions. It must be installed on each individual workstation for optimized performance.
  • Works with fractions up to 256ths of an inch
  • Extensive help menu for solving equations
  • Cubic yard button
  • Edit button for the solvers. No more having to input all information if changing just one dimension.
  • Area button was added to figure the area of any enclosed tringle or circle automatically.
  • Easy print and save functions.
Specs to Know
System Requirements:
  • Works with all Windows OS above Win 95.
  • It is "free to try" for up to 30 days. However, it must be licensed after 30 days for continued use.

3-Part CSI specifications for Jobber Computer Plus software program

3-Part CSI specifications for Jobber Computer Plus software program
Description Format Size Download
Jobber Computer Plus™ - Features HTML 24 kB Download

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