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New "TOTALFlash" Slashes Labor Costs While Boosting Moisture-Protection


Mortar Net USA has won top awards for its innovative products for controlling moisture in masonry construction, but their patented new TOTALFlash—introduced earlier this year—may be their most ingenious idea yet. They've taken all the most effective moisture-control methods used in cavity-wall construction, plus all the necessary installation equipment, and pre-assembled them right into handy, pre-cut panels of flexible flashing.

The labor savings are created by two main features of TOTALFlash: A. Since the basis of TOTALFlash is a pre-cut, 5-foot flashing-panel, masons no longer have to waste labor-time cutting clumsy rolls of flashing. They can just take each fully assembled panel out of the box and screw it into the back wall of the cavity, a process that can be done in seconds. B. With all components built right in, there's no downtime waiting for separate items to be delivered.

It all adds up to far lower labor costs, while providing much higher moisture-control than most systems being installed today. Furthermore, complete coverage is enforced by clearly-marked lap-joints.

Here's what TOTALFlash delivers, built into each 5-foot, pre-cut, pre-assembled panel:

1. 5-foot, Pre-Cut Panels of Flexible Flashing. No cutting needed.
2. Built-In Termination Bar. Just screw it in.
3. Built-In Drainage Matte defeats mortar-droppings.
4. Built-In Edge Dams.
5. Built-In No-Clog Weep Tabs.
6. Built-In Stainless Steel Drip Edge.
7. Clearly Defined Lap-Joints for precise coverage.
8. All Screws & Adhesives included in each package.
9. Stainless Steel Corners, Corner Boots, and End Dams available.

Mortar Net USA reports that the builders who've used TOTALFlash in their masonry cavity-walls have seen labor savings of 50% or more, compared to conventional moisture-control detailing.