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Residential HouseNet™ by Mortar Net® is your first step to a healthy home.


Moisture in masonry veneer construction can cause damage. The best prevention? Proper construction. Residential HouseNet™ by Mortar Net® is your first step to a healthy home. From wet basements to spalling caused by water freezing and thawing in brick cavity walls, moisture eats away at the homes you build. It can also eat away at the health of the homeowner. Moisture breeds mold and mold can cause respiratory problems including asthma, allergies, infections or worse.

In masonry construction it is essential that walls are constructed with an air space behind the brick veneer, that weep holes are installed at the base of the wall not more than 24 inches on center, that flashing is installed in the cavity, and that a mortar collection device is installed to catch excess mortar droppings. Mortar Net® USA, Ltd. the originator of the mortar dropping collection device, provides the solution for clogged weep holes in brick masonry cavity walls.

Residential HouseNet™'s patented dovetail shape prevents mortar droppings from forming a continuous dam and its shape, in combination with its 90% open mesh weave, allows water to rapidly and easily move through the material of the product to the weep holes.

Residential HouseNet™ also allows for proper air movement in and out of the cavity. This eliminates pressure differentials that force moisture into the cavity, thus promoting rapid drying of the wall.

This efficient management of moisture migration eliminates efflorescence on interior and exterior masonry walls, prevents damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and is the first step in preventing conditions that allow mold growth.

Residential HouseNet™ ensures walls breathe, drain and dry quickly and efficiently.

Residential HouseNetTM is easy to use. It requires no fasteners or adhesives, no special skill or tools. After the first one or two courses of bricks are laid, place a continuous row of Residential House NetTM in the cavity on the flashing against the back of the brick at the base of the wall. Flashing should extend to at least 6” above the top of the Residential HouseNetTM.

Mortar Net USA, Ltd. recommends a minimum 1” cavity air space for residential construction.
Mortar bridging can occur in cavities that are smaller. Should mortar bridging occur across the cavity space as the brick veneer wall is constructed, the mason should clean the mortar protrusions and bridges off the back of the bricks. Reasonable care must be taken to prevent excessive mortar droppings. Cavity should be no more than ¼” wider than 1.0” and 2.0” thick material, and 0.4” thick material should touch both the outer and inner wall, insulation, or filler used to adjust the cavity size.

Residential HouseNetTM is compressible to allow for variation in wall cavities.

Residential HouseNetTM must be used in conjunction with impermeable through wall flashings that are recommended by the flashing manufacturer for that use.

Residential HouseNetTM used in combination with fast acting weep materials such as Mortar Net® Weep VentsTM create a system for proper water drainage and ventilation.

Mortar Net USA, Ltd. does not guarantee the elimination of moisture problems due to other aspects of construction procedures such as rain soaked wall board, leaking plumbing, etc.

Residential HouseNet is made of recycled polyester with an anti-microbial additive to control mold growth. This material will not oxidize, rot, promote mold or fungus, or react with other common building materials such as mortar, cement, asphalt, modified bitumen, PVC, copper, or galvanized metal, thereby ensuring long-term performance for all materials.

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