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5 Facts Every Architect Should Know About StoGuard


Sto has innovative solutions for the building envelope starting with StoGuardTM protection for the sheathing and ending with the superior cladding choices of EIFS, Cement Board Stucco or stucco.
Since waterproofing and air barrier materials are hidden behind cladding and consequently inaccessible for maintenance and repair, it is essential to choose a durable structural barrier like StoGuard.

Unlike house wraps, StoGuard is waterproof, tear proof and structural.
Because StoGuard is permanently adhered to sheathing, it becomes a part of overall physical structure. There is no tearing or gapping between StoGuard and the sheathing, only smooth uninterrupted coverage. This structural characteristic allows StoGuard to outperform sheet building wraps.

Sto has the only stand alone ICC code report for weather resistive barriers of major brands in the EIFS industry.
StoGuard has undergone rigorous testing for the International Code Council – Evaluation Service and the Canadian Construction Materials Council (CCMC) to confirm its durability. Research conducted for CCMC and other institutions has shown that “StoGuard has proven to be an extremely durable waterproofing and air barrier material with exceptional drainage performance.”

StoGuard provides the only spray-on air and moisture barrier product for stucco or synthetic stone that has a built in release property to prevent stucco or synthetic stone base from bonding to it.
Sto EmeraldCoatâ„¢ is specially formulated for use behind stucco without a slip sheet when used over gypsum sheathings or where permitted by local code authorities over wood-based sheathings.

StoGuard has the only authorized air barrier specification available through the Air Barrier Association of America in the EIFS industry.
StoGuard is not only a waterproofing barrier but performs as an air barrier as well.

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