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Hurricane proof your roof

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Nov 12, 2009

Hurricane proof your roof

In the spring of 2005, Ro-Len Lake Gardens Condominiums started a multi-year project to seal, waterproof, protect and preserve the 10,000 sq.ft. asphalt shingle roofs on each of their 18 buildings, one of which is shown above.

The SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC" System was applied to the roofs of two buildings in the spring of 2005, leaving the other buildings to be done in future years, when more money would be available in the Ro-Lens Condominiums maintenance fund to use to protect additional buildings.

Then the Hurricanes of 2005 hit, including Hurricane Katrina on August 26, 2005, Hurricane Rita on September 20, 2005 and Hurricane Wilma on October 24, 2005. The 2 buildings with the SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC" System installed had absolutely NO ROOF DAMAGE whatsoever. ALL the remaining buildings in the condominium complex were damaged.

Therefore, in the winter of 2006, Ro-Lens coated all the remaining buildings, so now all of the Ro-Lens building roofs are protected with the SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC" System, as described below:

Surface Preparation:
Treat with "Clorox" to Kill Mold, Mildew, & Fungus; Moderate Pressure Water Rinse

Prime Coat:
SOMAY Product No. 7751, "PRIME & SEAL"

Intermediate and Finish Coats:
SOMAY Product No. 842, SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC", Sealer & Protector – White.
Applied at 20 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat for a total of 40 mils DFT for all 3 coats

SOMAY is NOT aware of any roof coated with the SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC"® System, according to SOMAY's printed application instructions, which has ever suffered any rain or wind damage from any hurricane since the SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC" System was introduced in the 1970's, over 30 years ago. This includes Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina and Wilma! With so many years of successful applications, we believe it's accurate to say that you can "HURRICANE PROOF YOUR ROOF" ®*
with the SOMAY "ROOF MASTIC" System.

* Over 30 Years of Successful Performance - Your Experience may be Different - Results NOT Guaranteed by SOMAY

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