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BLOK-FLASH® embeddable flashing device


BLOK-FLASH® is an embeddable flashing device for exterior single wythe C.M.U. wall systems. It collects moisture that infiltrates the wall and flows down the vertical cores and diverts it to the exterior. BLOK-FLASH® is useful at all flashing/weep hole locations including base of wall, above door and window openings, above bond beams, in parapet walls, basements and any other locations where flashing is necessary.


  • Useful in all 8", 10", and 12" exterior block wall applications.
  • Maintains greater bond than through-wall membrane flashing.
  • Eliminates the need for using multiple sizes of architectural C.M.U., reducing set up charges related to producing special sizes.
  • Simple installation in reinforced wall systems.
  • Reduces thermal break, helping to maintain the walls R-value insulation integrity.
  • Saves more than half of the labor and material costs associated with using membrane flashing in a multi-wythe course.
  • 45 degree drip edge to deflect moisture away from the wall system.
  • Concaved weep spout for ease of tooling.
  • Eliminates unsightly head joint weeping devices.
  • Light weight and compact shape for convenient shipping, handling and storage.

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