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Windproof your roof with Roof Mastic

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Dec 13, 2009

Somay Roof Mastic can provide hurricane protection for your roof. It is the only roof coating which stood up to the 175 m.p.h. winds of Hurricane Andrew on August 24, 1992. During Hurricane Andrew, roofs protected with the Somay Roof Mastic System stayed on, even in the middle of Homestead, Florida, in south Dade county, which received the most severe winds, while other roofs that were not protected with Somay Roof Mastic were peeling off and flying away, leaving houses exposed to the sky, the wind and the rain. Only Somay Roof Mastic has a proven record of providing superior hurricane protection for your roof!

We are aware of absolutely no Roof Mastic coated building roofs that have ever suffered any damage caused by the wind and rain of any hurricane, ever! We have asked our regular independent Roof Mastic applicators, and they are not aware of any instances of hurricane damage to a roof protected by Roof Mastic.

Over 30 Years of Successful Performance - Your Experience may be Different - Results not Guaranteed by Somay.

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