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Blast Protection Products


Armortex® produces the most comprehensive line of Bullet and Blast Protection Products available, such as Composite Panels & Custom Fabrics, Steel & Aluminum Windows, Wood, Steel & Aluminum Doors, Bullet and Blast Aluminum Window Systems (up to 42 psi, and 30 cal. Armor Piercing) and Steel Blast Doors.

About Armortex
Armortex® has been manufacturing Bullet Resistant and physical security products since 1980. Bullet ResistantOur product line includes Armortex® brand lightweight bullet and Blast Protection Composite panels, Bullet Resistant and containment glazing, Bullet Resistant transaction windows, pass-thru transaction equipment (drawers, hoppers, dip trays), speakers, gunports, guard towers, gun lockers, man traps, Bullet and Blast Resistant doors and related security equipment and aluminum storefront systems.

Armortex® products are widely used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, remote electronic buildings, check cashing facilities, cashier booths, prisons, vehicles and any place where ballistic and attack resistant security is required.

Our Bullet and Blast Resistant products are available worldwide, direct from Armortex®.

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