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4 Tried & True Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons!


Keep pigeons off buildings using humane & effective methods of pigeon control
Pigeons typically gather in huge flocks in cities and commercial areas because of easy access to food, water, and the absence of predators. Commercial structures often provide ideal rooftop nesting areas as well as open trash containers where scraps are easily accessible.

4 Tried & True Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons!

4 Methods to Get Rid of Pigons:

  1. Bird Spikes
    create an unstable landing area so pigeons can no longer land on their favorite roosting or nesting site.
  2. Bird Netting
    completely excludes pigeons from entering an area protected by netting, such as airplane hangars, food storage facilities, warehouses and other protected areas.
  3. Electric Tracks
    give pigeons a small “jolt” when they make contact with the track, changing their behavior. They will no longer land on the surface protected by electric tracks.
  4. Physical Bird Deterrents
    such as bird spiders and bird slopes, create a barrier that the pigeons can not defeat leaving them no choice than to find a better place to land, roost and nest.

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