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A modern look for steel-and-concrete security posts


Long before they began making the news as protection against vehicle attack, security bollards were an important part of the urban landscape. The useful little posts stand guard in front of storefronts, utility meters, playgrounds and sidewalks without slowing foot traffic, bikes, strollers or wheelchairs. Security bollards are often made of steel pipe, filled with concrete. These must be sealed to protect against corrosion. Painting or powder coating the steel pipe is one option. For maintenance and aesthetics, another option is to fit the pipes with bollard covers, available in a variety of attractive colors and styles.

In parking lots and around utility meters, bollards are often in high-visibility colors enhanced with reflective decals or tape. This may be done with tape, or with plastic covers that do not ding or chip. These simple solutions are available in many colors and can be chosen to blend in with the architecture. For example, bollards delineating parking lots from malls and storefronts may be chosen to match the wall paint or share the same color as garbage receptacles or light fixtures. In these areas, the utility of the post is the most important factor.

However, with security bollards becoming such a common part of site design in urban and natural landscapes, as well as around destination architecture, the aesthetic style of the bollard is important. Bollards and bollard sleeves do not have to be an eyesore. Security posts should not give people the feeling of living in a bunker. Instead, they can be unobtrusive enhancements to a security perimeter that guide and protect.

A modern look for steel-and-concrete security posts

Stainless steel bollard covers

Stainless steel is a durable, good looking material that keeps a luster even after years exposed to the elements. There are two main grades:304 and 316 stainless steel. 316 is a high-quality option that is corrosion resistant even in winter climates where it is subject to de-icing chemicals or in the sea-salt spray of a marine environment.

Stainless steel is usually machined into simple, sleek shapes. The resulting uncomplicated profile and understated shine of the material complements many current architectural styles. Whether guarding a structure made of gleaming steel and glass, or placed around a flowing Modernist building made of concrete, stainless steel bollard covers can blend into or enhance their environment.

New options for every location

Bollard covers should be easy to install and available in a variety of sizes, because concrete and steel security pipes come in different diameters and heights and many may be needed for a large site. Appropriate dimensions for bollards are chosen based on the volume, speed, and variety of traffic near the protected area. Parking lots and utility meters often are protected with 4-1/2-in pipe, whereas bollards separating fast moving vehicle traffic from pedestrians may be 8-5/8-in. A variety of options are now available in stainless bollard covers, in three diameters and two heights.

Dome tops, mimicking the shape of concrete caps, have been a popular choice in stainless bollard covers. In the past few years, site designers have started to favor the table-top look: the flat surface and right angle of the bollard design is an update on the classic profile.

For some designers, the function and form of stainless steel bollard sleeves might recommend the product, but the soft silver of the brushed surface is less desirable. Like our cast iron decorative bollard covers, stainless steel can be powder coated in several colors.

Customizing the feel of your site with bollard covers

The first impression of your organization or business is delivered through its curb appeal. Bollards are often part of that curb!

When these little sentries are chosen to enhance their environment, they offer security without creating anxiety. Sleek and modern stainless steel bollard covers are one option that organizations and site planners can consider to enhance and protect their security posts.

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