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Accuride's Mobile Applications Slide Collection Facilitates Durable Storage and Access in Utility and Emergency Vehicles


When it comes to utility and emergency vehicles, Accuride International, a leading manufacturer of drawer slides and movement solutions, believes sliding hardware performance can be mission critical. Emergency and service situations demand quick and reliable access to supplies and equipment, as well as safe and secure transport of materials when vehicles are on the move. That’s why Accuride's Mobile Applications Slide Collection provides features such as hold-in detents, locking mechanisms, and self-closing.

A few of the products from this collection include the 3832 Heavy-Duty Self-Closing slide, model 9308 with lock-in and lock-out features, and the CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit, which may be added to most of Accuride’s heavy-duty slide products.

The Accuride mobile slide collection addresses access and storage requirements for a wide variety of applications found in this particular market niche. Utility and emergency vehicles must carry everything from screwdrivers to respirators to be prepared for day-to-day business. In addition to drawers, trays, and shelves, pull-out vertical panels are used to carry low profile tools, wire, rope, and hoses. Deep bins and drawers are used to store bulk supplies and materials.

Many vehicles also serve as a mobile office. Service or sales paperwork, invoicing, route planning, and other activities are often managed on the road. The Accuride slide collection provides access to drawers or trays for supplies, files, or literature. The company’s sliding hardware also enables drivers to position a work surface or access a laptop docking station or other electronic devices.
In addition to carrying equipment, sliding platforms or trays that extend and lock into position to serve as on-site work surfaces. Other items suitable for storage using pullout platforms or trays include batteries, generators, or communication and diagnostic devices.

About Accuride International

For more than 50 years, Accuride International has been a leader in the design and manufacture of ball bearing slides and movement solutions for a broad range of applications across a variety of industries. Offering engineering and product design, application solutions, manufacturing expertise, and more, Accuride is a worldwide presence that can collaborate with companies in any industry, anywhere. For more information, visit

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