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Air-O-Lator Corp

8100 Paseo
City, state:
Kansas City, MO
Postal code:
64131 show map
United States
(800) 821-3177
(816) 363-4242
(816) 363-2322

Air-O-Lator Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction and product reliability. From initial customer contact through the life of the product supplied, Air-O-Lator Corporation advances this commitment throughout the 21st century, providing state-of- the-art design, customer service and satisfaction. Air-O-Lator Corporation was originally founded in 1961 under the name Roycraft Industries. In 1967 Roycraft Industries, developed the "Original" "Ice-Away" de-icer that is designed to prevent ice formation in marinas and around docks. In 1970 the Ice-Away was further improved to implement an exclusive water cooled submersible electric motor. In 1972, it was discovered that the Ice-Away, while positioning the propeller close to the water surface, performed as an excellent pond and lake aerator and was originally known as the "Air-O-Lator" now recognized as the "Aquarian" aerator with four product lines. In 1973, Air-O-Lator Corporation was formed. Since then the Company has continued to develop new products including the Quantum aerator circa 1978, Inter-Mix mixers, circa 1987 and Font'N-Aire fountains circa 1987 consisting currently of three product lines. Manufacturing of Air-O-Lator products is completed at its facility in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Air-O-Lator Corporation divides its products into three equipment groups: 1) Aquaculture Group, Aquarian aerators, 2) Consumer Group, consisting of the Font'N-Aire, Ready, Platinum, Gulf Stream, and the Aquarian Residential aerator, 3) Commercial equipment group consisting of Aquarian Commercial aerators, Aquarian Quantum aerators, the Intermix Submersible mixers and Aspirators. Air-O-Lator has over multiple manufacturer's representatives and in excess of 400 dealer locations in the USA.

Tradenames: Quantum, Ice-Away, Font'N-Aire, Enterprise.

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(02815) Fountain
(11220) Mixers and Flocculators
(11230) Water Aeration Equipment
(11375) Aeration Equipment
(11380) Sludge Digestion Equipment
(11385) Digester Mixing Equipment
(13230) Digester Covers and Appurtenance
(15170) Swimming Pool and Fountain Piping
(15490) Pool and Fountain Equipment
(22 50 00) Pool and Fountain Plumbing Systems
(22 51 00) Swimming Pool Plumbing Systems
(22 51 13) Swimming Pool Piping
(22 52 00) Fountain Plumbing Systems
(22 52 13) Fountain Piping
(33 01 30.52) Pond and Reservoir Maintenance
  (46 41 00) Mixing Equipment
(46 41 23) Submersible Mixers
(46 41 31) Vertical Reel Flocculation Equipment
(46 41 33) Horizontal Reel Flocculation Equipment
(46 41 34) Vertical Turbine Flocculation Equipment
(46 41 36) Walking-beam Flocculation Equipment
(46 41 38) Horizontal Oscillating Flocculation Equipment
(46 51 00) Air and Gas Diffusion Equipment
(46 51 11) Fixed Mechanical Aerators
(46 51 13) Floating Mechanical Aerators
(46 51 16) Submersible Aspirating Aerator Equipment
(46 51 23) Swing-type Channel Aeration Equipment
(46 51 53) Cascading Aerators
(46 73 00) Residuals Stabilization

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