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Baader-Brown Mfg

4220 Springfield Jamestown Rd
City, state:
Springfield, OH
Postal code:
45502 show map
United States

Baader-Brown was established in 1955 and is the oldest supplier of lights, wiring harness and accessory parts to the school bus industry. Long known for its innovative foresight, the company's contributions to progress are marked by over thirty product patents since its inception. Baader-Brown emphasizes captive manufacturing to assure the highest degree of quality control, commensurate with competitive cost containment progress.

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(16560) Signal Lighting
(26 55 33) Hazard Warning Lighting
(26 55 36) Obstruction Lighting
(34 42 13) Railway Signals
(34 43 13) Airfield Signals
  (34 48 13) Operating Bridge Signals
(35 11 13) Signaling Equipment for Waterways
(35 12 13) Marine Signaling Equipment
(35 13 13) Signaling Equipment for Dams

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