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Bird-X, Inc.: Stop Feeding Pigeons In Chicago!

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Feb 05, 2012

Anyone in Chicago has seen the signs: “Don’t Feed the Pigeons.” And there is always that disregarding individual who walks right past the sign with a handful (or more) of seed ready to feed the pigeons anyways.

These signs are not there for decoration; they serve an important purpose.

Currently, Chicago’s Municipal Code provides for a possible fine for feeding pigeons. However, earlier this month, a local alderman proposed a stronger law that would make feeding pigeons actually illegal.

Alderman James Cappleman proposed an ordinance that will necessitate up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine should someone choose to violate by feeding pigeons in the city of Chicago. Specifically, the Wilson and Lawrence CTA stations were recognized for their severe coverage of bird droppings, and unfortunately, regardless of the CTA’s strong efforts to keep their stations clean, the bird mess continues to ‘pile up’ due to the ongoing pigeon feeding.

Pigeon droppings can be very hazardous to our health. They are responsible for many human diseases, including Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. Disease organisms thrive in nutrient-rich bird droppings. An individual may inhale the fungus from the droppings, thus becoming infected. Though most people who become infected typically already have a weakened immune system, these health hazards should not be overlooked.

Bird-X offers many bird control units that are both beneficial and humane for deterring pest birds. A combination of sonic/ultrasonic bird repellers and visual scares is a great synergistic solution for serious bird problem areas like CTA stations. It would also help if everyone obeyed those signs to Stop Feeding the Pigeons!

Bird-X has already provided numerous bird deterrent products to multiple transit systems throughout the country, helping to manage costly city pigeon problems.

With the combined efforts of humane pigeon control products and a general public who understands the consequences of feeding pigeons, Chicago (especially the CTA) will be better equip to tackle this ongoing pigeon problem.

About Bird-X, Inc.

Bird-X is the leading brand of humane pest and bird control solutions worldwide, protecting human health, wildlife and the environment in which we all live. Established in 1964, the Chicago based company manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy and customer service.

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