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About Remote Control Drone

Remote Control Drone

BirdXPeller Remote Control Drone

This product and service is changing the way we think about long-term bird control.

Where is the Remote Control Drone used?

The BirdXPeller Remote Control Drone is a one-of-kind solution for challenging outdoor environments:

  • Airports
  • Golf courses
  • Vineyards
  • Corporate grounds
  • Sports complexes, marinas
  • Large parking lots, etc.

Drone features:

  • NEW PATENTED technology
  • Predator replica with remote control
  • Repels pest birds, geese and other wildlife
  • Design and markings creates visual scare
  • Sonic device emits natural sounds of hawk cries and bird distress calls
  • Conditions pests to stay away permanentl

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How does it work?

The BirdXPeller Remote Control Drone is a remote-controlled predator replica and sonic bird repeller. Combining a terrifying visual scare with realistic audio, the Remote Control Drone creates a multisensory attack that leverages birds’ instinctive fears against them to modify their behavior.

Swooping down from the sky, the Drone scatters pest birds as it projects the recorded alert and alarm calls of the wild Canada goose and other species such as seagulls, blackbirds and starlings.

Once birds have experienced an intense threat in a certain area, they avoid it. The BirdXPeller Remote Control Drone is especially effective on resident flocks and stubborn waterbirds such as geese and coots.

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