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Boon Edam Increases Market Share Lead for Security Entrances in the Americas


Recent IHS study points to near triple market share compared with the nearest competitor

A recent IHS report on the pedestrian security entrance market for the period of 2012 to 2014 established Boon Edam as the market leader by a considerably wide margin in the Americas. The winning category covers “Pedestrian Entrance Control Equipment” and includes all types of security doors, turnstiles, and gates.

Strong Gains in Share
The report displays an increase of essentially 7% for the Americas region. This is in comparison to the previously published 2013 IHS report. This leading position consists of 26.8% of the market, which is around three times the market share of the nearest competitor.

“The Market for Pedestrian Entrance Control Equipment- 2015” report by IHS studies and analyses various product types which include Security Doors, Security Revolving Doors, Security Booths (mantrap portals) and Speed Gates. As of 2014, the report found that Boon Edam was the clear leader for Security Doors, Revolving Doors and Security Booths at over 50% of market share for all three product types. The report demonstrates positive market gains of 8%, 9% and 10% respectively for each product type. The company achieved close to a 5% market share gain for Speed Gates in the Americas, and now ranks among the top three providers with almost 20% market share.

Success Factors
Boon Edam attributes its recent gains to a number of factors. Increased security threats that now exist around the world have made corporations and government entities more aware of the danger associated with unauthorized entries or tailgating, and both are taking steps to mitigate those risks which include security entry solutions.

Boon Edam has a full and comprehensive range of product offering and a global footprint, which provides the company with a very competitive position when it comes to consulting with end users to determine a tailored risk mitigation plan and to deploy a worldwide solution.

As more companies see the benefits of investing in the two product types, the Security Revolving Door and Security Booth (mantrap portal), the market has expanded rapidly and Boon Edam has tapped into this expanding client base. The report forecasts strong growth for security doors and security booths until 2019 primarily due to increased demand in government and commercial office buildings and continued growth and retrofitting of data centers. Both of these types of entrance products provide a full height barrier that cannot be climbed over or under and can operate reliably without manned supervision. For this reason, many of Boon Edam’s customers are realizing the value in investing in the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock portal as a trusted solution that provides a ROI payback in under a year.

To support this unprecedented growth in the Americas, Boon Edam has invested heavily in providing an unrivaled technical support and training program that utilizes its certified network of distribution partners and subsidiaries worldwide.

About Royal Boon Edam
With work environments becoming increasingly global and dynamic, the entry has become the centre of activity in and around many buildings. As the importance of the entry as a mobility hotspot increases, the demands we put on managing the passage of people through them grow.

Royal Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with 140 years of experience in engineering quality, we have gained extensive expertise in managing the movement of people through office buildings, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other types of buildings.

We are focused on providing an optimal experience for our clients and their clients. By working together with you, our client, we help determine the exact requirements for the mobility hotspot in and around your building and develop a solution that is customized for you in three key areas: sustainability, security and service.

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