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Boon Edam Launches New Anti-Piggybacking Technology: StereoVision 2


Lillington, NC - Boon Edam, Inc., the leading manufacturer of security entrance solutions in North America, has announced the launch of a new anti-piggybacking technology: StereoVision 2. The new technology was demonstrated in a Tourlock Security Revolving Door at the Boon Edam booth at ISC West.

StereoVision 2 merges two types of sensing technologies, optical and near infrared light, to monitor the compartment of a security revolving door or portal. The two technologies work together to determine displacement and distance by measuring the time it takes light to travel from the instrumentation to an object and back. The new system can accurately tell the difference between two people and one person holding a box or luggage to minimize false rejections. The near infrared light sensor is not affected by sunlight or reflections, which eliminates any environmental impairment of the system at locations near the exterior of buildings.

“Piggybacking is a real threat in today’s world because most doors or access control systems cannot prevent it from happening proactively,” says, Mark Borto, President and CEO of Boon Edam, Inc. “They can sound an alarm or record the event and then it’s up to the security staff to respond quickly. The new technology in StereoVision 2 has been proven through rigorous testing for over 2 years and has been proven to be extremely accurate. When you pair its functionality with a security revolving door or portal and tie it in with access control the entrance becomes extremely secure so we are proud to recommend such a solution for certain sensitive or unmanned applications.”

StereoVision 2 is now available as an option for the Tourlock 180+90 Security Revolving Door and the Circlelock portal.

About Boon Edam:
Boon Edam is a global entrance solutions company that offers an extensive range of Revolving Doors and Security Access products, including manual and automatic revolving doors, security revolving doors and portals, and a full range of mechanical and optical turnstiles and access gates. To learn more, visit Boon Edam at

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