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Bullet resistant doors


Along with transaction windows, doors rank high on the list of the most vulnerable points in a non-secure business environment. While you must maintain access to staff areas (including meeting ADA standards), you must also make each access point a bullet-resistant barrier that supports the rest of the secure environment. We can provide a number of bulletproof door options that provide UL Level I, II, and III security, in materials that can emphasize or minimize security as a visual deterrent.

Acrylic Doors
Completely clear, this door provides bullet-resistant security and adds visibility that both customers and employees value. UL Level I, II, and III available to meet you unique security challenges.

Wood Doors
Wood core with plastic laminate or wood veneer over fiberglass bullet-resistant sheathing, with or without vision windows. It's designed to defeat ballistic assaults from a 9mm medium power through .44 magnum superpower small arms handgun as tested in accordance with U.L. Standard 752 at Underwriter's Laboratories.

Transactional Doors
Total Security Solutions Bullet Resistant Transaction Door is a wood core door lined with bullet resistant fiberglass. The upper half of the doorlite is fabricated in a transaction area allowing voice communication and transactions to occur. Bullet resistant transaction doors are available in a wide array of sizes and finishes.

Steel Doors
An all-steel, bullet-resistant protective barrier, hung on a steel frame. Peepholes, view windows and door scopes are available. Doors come precision pre-drilled for fast, hassle-free installation in your facility.

Aluminum Frame Doors
TSS Bullet Resistant Aluminum Door is a medium style door, precision pre-drilled for fast, hassle-free installation in your system. The bullet resistant door comes complete with bullet resistant frames, continuous hinge, and standard hardware. Acrylic available to UL Level I-III.

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