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Case Study: CityPlace 2, Spring, Texas


Photography: ©ShauLin Hon / Slyworks Photography and  ©Bill Gnech/The Apple Group
Photography: ©ShauLin Hon / Slyworks Photography and ©Bill Gnech/The Apple Group


Approximately 20 miles north of downtown Houston lies Springwood Village, a forward-thinking, master-planned community of homes, offices, retail, restaurants and hotels. Nestled in the heart of the village is CityPlace, which is designed to be a mixed-use community that unifies work, life, sustainability and technology. CityPlace 2, a 327,000-squarefoot office that is home to Houston-based American Bureau of Shipping among others, is an energy-efficient, modern building that includes ground-floor retail.


According to CityPlace developers, the Patrinely Group, “Central to the concept of CityPlace 2 is the creation of a healthy and inspiring business setting that fosters productivity and nurtures the live-work lifestyle desired by today’s brightest talent.” The sleek 10-story building was designed by Gensler Houston to have a modern, monolithic look that delivered a comfortable business environment. Kawneer and Houston-based Dynamic Glass worked with architects from Gensler’s Houston office to deliver high-performing glazed solutions that provided a sleek aesthetic, enhanced natural daylighting and offered spectacular views to the outside. Additionally, 8" face covers were placed on the façade to add texture and a visual feature that would allow the building to stand out.


  • Architects wanted a high-performing façade that contributed to occupant comfort, helped reduce operating costs and increased energy efficiency.
  • A tight project schedule required products that could be assembled and installed quickly and efficiently.
  • Though the building looks standard from afar, there are some areas where no two panels were the same, which delivered a challenge before fabrication.
  • Unitized curtain wall systems have numerous parts and pieces, which makes determining the cutting and fabrication of all units critical.


  • Kawneer’s curtain wall systems were selected for the building to provide superior thermal performance, deliver an elegant aesthetic and increase natural daylight.
  • The 2500 UT Unitwall™ System and 1600 Wall System™5 Curtain Wall allowed Dynamic Glass to build and glaze the units in their shop.
    + Once in the field, the units were stacked quickly and easily, which helped maintain tight project schedules.
  • Brainstorming, planning, and collaboration allowed the build team to create accurate fabrication sheets for each panel and individual floor plans with unit numbers or tags, and relay information to all involved, a critical step in minimizing errors during installation.
  • Kawneer provides an abundance of online information and additional resources, which allowed the project to run smoothly, stay on schedule and overcome any obstacles.
  • Communication and strong dynamics between all involved in the project enabled it to come together seamlessly.
CityPlace 2 is registered with the certification goal of LEED Silver®. Through the use of a range of high-performing products, the developers and design team were able to achieve their aesthetic, performance and sustainability goals. CityPlace 2 serves as a dynamic focal point for the community.

ARCHITECT: Gensler, Houston, Texas
DEVELOPER: Patrinely Group, Houston, Texas
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: David E. Harvey Builders, Inc. , Westchase, Texas
CONTRACT GLAZIER/INSTALLER: Dynamic Glass, Houston, Texas

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