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Case Study: The Heights (Wilson Secondary School)

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Mar 27, 2021

This award-winning contemporary school includes several unique exterior features. Wrapping the floating bars in heavy, traditional brickwork was nearly impossible, but not for Corium Brick.

The new Wilson Secondary School expands and combines two secondary programs to a new building on Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA. Designed by BIG Architects and Leo A. Daly, "the design seeks to maintain the feeling of a 1-story school building while still having a vertical organization and the efficiencies afforded by it."

The building is designed as a series of bars rotated about a single hinge point. The structure's rotation naturally creates large soffits and usable green space atop each bar. Wrapping these floating bars in heavy brickwork would typically prove challenging, but not for Corium Brick.

Project: The Heights (Wilson Secondary School)
Location: Arlington, VA
Architect: Big & Leo A. Daly
Installer: Gilbane Co.
Completion Date: 2019
Architectural Systems: Corium Brick

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