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CAST Lighting Launches Advanced Line of LED Landscape Lights

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Sep 04, 2013

CAST Lighting, a premier manufacturer of low voltage landscape lighting systems, announced today the release of a new line of advanced LED landscape lights. This line, the Impressionist Series™, includes a collection of bronze and copper directional lights, wash lights, and tree lights. The collection is significant because each fixture has unique methods of light level and beam spread control. These patent-pending innovations give lighting designers the ability to quickly and easily change light levels and beam spreads after lights are installed – no programming or tools are needed. The result is more flexibility in design and reduced labor and cost.

David Beausoleil, president and founder of CAST Lighting, remarks on the new Impressionist line, “We always respect the artistry of lighting designers who use our products. We understand their needs and strive to provide them with lights that perform optimally as specified. We named this new collection the Impressionist Series because it introduces a whole new level of artistic control for the designer. This series allows the designer to fully express his or her vision. This is why we adopted the tag line, "Your Expression is our Passion.”

While other lighting manufacturers use various methods for dimming their lights, CAST Lighting is the first to employ a method that allows the designer to dim the light at the fixture, after installation, and without programming. The designer simply plugs the dimming unit into a plug on the fixture wire then adjusts the light level with a push-button. The light level is shown on the dimming unit via LED indicators. When the dimming unit is detached, the light level remains the same.

The second innovation is a method for quickly changing the light beam spread (beam angle). Beam spread determines the width of the projected light beam. All lighting fixtures employ some type of optical lens to control beam spread. Many of the popular LED fixtures use a fixed optic that cannot be changed. Other manufacturers use changeable optics, but these require replacing the entire lamp or removing tiny screws and optics that can be easily lost or damaged. The CAST method utilizes optical modules that simply push into place in seconds rather than minutes. Five modules with various beam spreads (include an oblong spread) are available.

Steve Parrott, CAST Lighting’s Communication and Marketing Director, is also an experienced lighting designer. He comments on his first experience using an Impressionist light, “We had just installed an Impressionist Directional Light to project onto the side of a house. After the sun set, I attached the dimming unit and brought the light level to 100% brightness. Then I decreased it in 5% increments. At 60% I judged the light level to be perfect. I backed down to 55% - too dim. I increased to 65% - too bright. I returned it to 60% and again judged that to be the perfect level. I suddenly realized that I could never return to the old method of fixed light-level lamps – as a discriminating designer I needed to adjust the light level precisely – 5% makes a difference!”

David Beausoleil is convinced that experiences like this justify his investment in the Impressionist line. The products were engineered over a two-year period of intensive collaboration between CAST Lighting experts, engineers and lighting designers. In addition to the new features for design control, engineers developed advanced LED circuitry that includes protection from heat, electrical spikes and surges, and prevents unintended interference with wireless devices.

For more information on the CAST LED Impressionist Series, and to find out where to purchase the products, go to or call 973-423-2303.

About CAST Lighting

CAST Lighting manufacturers low-voltage LED outdoor security and landscape lighting systems in their production facilities in the US and Colombia. Last year the company received 7 industry awards for their LED Perimeter Fence Lighting System.

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