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Convey the Image of Stability for Eternity


Homes built with brick never go out of style. They are environmentally friendly and maintenance free. They withstand the extreme weather conditions better than any other building material and are pest-resistant, well insulated against outside noise, and easy on your heating and cooling bills. Homeowners everywhere know that Belden Brick is associated with comfort, luxury and aesthetic pleasure. Your home becomes warm and inviting through rich tones and eye-catching textures. When you want your home to convey the image of stability, prestige and distinction, choose Belden Brick for your next homebuilding project.

Paving applications are also part of our brick line. Clay Pavers can provide dramatic design possibilities for sidewalks, driveways, steps, walls and other exterior features of a home.

Belden supplies the products that make your ideas come alive
Today's Belden Brick focuses on heritage. For texture, color and overall character, Belden Brick is simply unsurpassed. Some of the most elegant forms of face brick are the uniquely designed treatments which enhance the character of The Great American Home.

Choosing Belden Brick of your new home may be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Belden Brick is meant to last. Our brick is known for its structural soundness and strength.

A home made from Belden Face Brick saves you money year after year. Belden Brick requires little maintenance, homes require less heating and cooling, and homes made of brick usually recieve lower fire insurance rates than do non-brick homes.

Contact your local Belden Brick dealer to make your final choice of brick for your home. No matter which combintation you eventually choose, you should feel confident that building with Belden Brick ensures your participation in a time honored tradition - The Great American Home.

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