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Ashford Formula seals masonry, concrete, and other Portland cement based materials into a mass that is solid, rather than porous.  Its penetrating quality provides deep sealing that is effective for the life of the concrete. This creates a floor surface that will be easy to clean and maintain.

Ashford Formula's chemical densifying action hardens and strengthens within the concrete mass, protecting against deterioration.

Abrasion Resistance:
Ashford Formula produces a floor that is resistant to traffic. Rather than eroding, the floor surface actually self polishes. The more the floor is used the better it looks.

Hard Shell Surface Finish:
Ashford Formula produces a permanent hard shell, marble-like finish and sheen on smooth steel toweled concrete surfaces.

Ashford Formula combines with the concrete salts, locking them permanently within the concrete.  Since these salts are the normal cause of concrete dust, the surface remains dust-free.

Significantly Reduces Tire Marks:
Tire marks from forklifts are a major problem on many warehouses floors, especially those treated with acrylic and other coatings.  When the concrete itself is integrally sealed, hardened and densified with the Ashford Formula, tire marks are dramatically decreased if not totally eliminated.  If superficial tire marks do occur, they can be quickly and easily removed.

The Ashford Formula is an effective curing agent when applied immediately after the finishing operation. It stabilizes the surface, and minimizes crazing.  It also ensures that the concrete will meet or exceed its design strength.

Tradenames: Ashford Formula.

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