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Distinctive New Colors for Reflection Stone Masonry Units

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 24, 2017

County Materials Corporation has expanded our collection of Reflection Stone™ Masonry Units to include four new colors. Since its introduction, the Reflection Stone™ series has grown in popularity among mason contractors, builders and homeowners as a durable, affordable and time-saving alternative to natural stone. The company’s new tumbled and non-tumbled colors, Clarity, Devotion, Noble and Promise, mirror the timeless character of natural hand-cut stone and allow for more creative blending and customization to achieve desired aesthetics.

Reflection Stone™ is designed as an easy installation alternative to natural stone for interior and exterior applications. In most cases Reflection Stone™ requires no splitting or sorting —units are delivered to the construction site ready to install from multiple pallets. Reflection Stone™ is also manufactured in a controlled environment to meet consistency and quality standards.

The four new tumbled colors are available in all three Reflection Stone size modules:

  • Reflection Stone™: Standard size units, suitable for both interior and exterior residential or light commercial applications. Each layer covers 12.25 sq. ft., and includes nine pre-blended sizes.

  • Reflection Stone GRAND™: Larger units that look stunning when used on their own as a wainscot or to add scale when blended with standard size Reflection Stone™ units. Each layer of Reflection Stone GRAND™ covers 11 sq. ft. and includes four sizes.

  • Reflection Brick™: For a more traditional aesthetic, Reflection Brick™ replicates the look of brick masonry with the texture of natural stone. Reflection Brick™ can also minimize time-consuming cutting on projects when used as filler pieces for projects featuring standard Reflection Stone. Each layer of Reflection Brick covers 13.3. sq. ft. and four sizes.
The Reflection Stone series is available in both full and thin veneer units. Thin veneers can be installed without the use of a supporting concrete ledge, making them ideal for retrofits and remodels as well as a cost-effective choice for new construction.

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