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Draper featured on TV's "Office Spaces: Inside the Blueprint"


This Sunday at 4:30 PM EDT/PDT, tune in to the Fox Business Network for a trip behind the scenes at Draper’s Spiceland, Indiana, headquarters.

Solar Control Product Manager Jeff Miller will have a little fun while guiding viewers of “Office Spaces: Inside the Blueprint” through the window shade manufacturing process and introducing Draper to the wider world.

Draper featured on TV's Office Spaces: Inside the Blueprint

Here are some things to watch for:

  • Draper uses such modern technology as digital component tracking, RF seamers, automated cutting machines, and even built-to-order packaging for each product. These advances mean an order that would have taken weeks a few years ago now ships within days.

  • Phifer, who is our biggest fabric supplier, co-sponsored the “Office Spaces” segment to highlight our partnership and joint commitment to manufacturing our products in the United States. The value of a close partnership between American manufacturers is a key takeaway from the video.

  • A couple of our metal shop workers wound up with some screen time, proving once again that the real stars of Draper are our employees. Thanks to those who graciously gave us their time, allowed us to interrupt them, and smiled when we got in their way.
It’s sure to be “must-see TV!” Tune in to “Office Spaces: Inside the Blueprint” on Sunday, March 25 at 4:30 PM EDT/PDT on the Fox Business Network

Where can I watch?

Find the local Fox Business channel in your area by clicking on the link below:
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