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El Rey Perma-Flex DPR Acrylic Finishes

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100% acrylic-based textured finish with dirt pick-up resistance (DPR): The surface of the finish hardens and does not soften again under heat. The non-tacky surface provides high resistance to accumulation of dirt, mold, and pollutants. Integrally colored with high-quality pigments. Exceeds ASTM and ICC Acceptance Criteria.

Perma-Flex DPR Acrylic Finish is offered in six textures:

  1. Smooth
  2. Coarse
  3. Fine
  4. Swirl Fine
  5. Medium
  6. MaxTex

El Rey Perma-Flex DPR Acrylic Finishes


Exterior or interior finish coat over:
  • El Rey Insul-Flex EIFS
  • Properly prepared masonry, stucco, and concrete surfaces
  • Interior application over drywall, plaster, or properly prepared masonry or concrete


  • Binder base: 100% acrylic polymer with surface-hardening property.
  • Aggregate: Pure crushed marble, rust-free.
  • Water-based: VOC–compliant
  • Pigment base: Titanium dioxide.
  • Color: Parex USA standard colors or tinted to desired custom color. Meets SCAQMD Rule 1113 when using Parex USA Non-VOC Colorants.


24-48 hours under normal conditions. High humidity and low temperatures extend drying time.


Water-soluble prior to drying. Clean tools and containers with water prior to drying.


Depending on the condition of the substrate and method of application, approximate coverage per pail are:

Aggregate size: 0.25mm
130–140 ft2 (12.1-13 m2)

Aggregate size: 0.5mm
130–140 ft2 (12.1-13 m2)

Aggregate size: 1.0mm
120–130 ft2 (11.1–12 m2)

Aggregate size: 1.5mm
80–100 ft2 (7.4–9.3 m2)

Swirl Fine
Aggregate size: 1.5mm
100–120 ft2 (9.3–11.1 m2)

Aggregate size: 1.25mm
110-120 ft2 (10.2-11.1 m2)
Coverage varies due to texture.

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