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Enhanced Harmony: Breakthrough Innovation


Whether you're specifying paint for commercial or residential spaces - new construction or renovation - you can offer your clients the latest in coating technology. Harmony Paint from Sherwin-Williams was first introduced several years ago as a zero VOC interior coating with a lasting finish and antimicrobial agents that resist the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film and inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.

Enhanced Harmony: Breakthrough Innovation

The formula was then enhanced with Odor Eliminating Technology, which helps reduce ambient odors from organic sources. From smoke to garlic to wet dog, common odors dissipate in spaces painted with Harmony Paint. Rooms stay fresher, longer, making it ideal for multifamily, healthcare, institutional, commercial and residential projects.

And this spring the flat and eg-shel sheens were further enhanced with Formaldehyde Reducing Technology. What does this mean? It means this exclusive formula reduces airborne concentrations of formaldehyde and other aldehydes. By reducing these kinds of VOCs, which are often emitted by common building materials such as insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabric, Harmony Paint actually helps promote better indoor air quality. (The length of time Harmony Paint actively reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, the frequency of exposure and the amount of painted surface area.)

Harmony Paint meets the most stringent VOC regulations and has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into the indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit

All Sherwin-Williams water-based and latex paints, including Harmony Paint, are tinted using ColorCast EcotonerĀ® colorants, ensuring the full spectrum of Sherwin-Williams hues without adding VOCs. Sherwin-Williams is the only company with a colorant system that is GREENGUARD certified.

In addition to all of these innovative features, Enhanced Harmony Paint also offers great hide and a durable finish that withstands frequent washings. Introduce your clients to this premium coating and all the benefits it provides.

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