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Ever Walked on 186,000 Pennies Before?


Want a unique floor and have money burning a hole in your pocket? That is just what Jason Thorn with Concrete Angel encountered with his client. Understand, the pennies weren't just poured on the floor. Each penny was carefully chosen based on color to create patterns and borders. Once the pennies were all in place, E100-PT1 a clear, 100% solids epoxy was poured on top to encapsulate the floor to create this beautiful floor.

As the leader in decorative concrete, interior flooring and industrial coating industry, Elite Crete Systems not only has the most extensive product line, but we are also proud to boast the most well-known, installed, specified and accepted line of products and systems in the industry.

As a company we find it difficult to be typical due to the countless daily requests for a wide array of requests from property owners, designs and specifiers. And we rarely don't have the answer or a solution.

Turning the tables, we are perceived as "Not So Typical" because we specialize in the manufacturing, specification and training of two completely different industry's:

A. Decorative Concrete Overlayments, Stains, Sealers, Pigments, etc.

B. Industrial coatings such as; epoxies, urethanes, broadcast systems and repair mortars.

You've seen, walked on, driven over or touched our products before.

In 2011 it was estimated that over 23 million square feet of exterior and interior surfaces were installed with Elite Crete Systems products and 2012 is shaping up to be 45% more than that. This of course wouldn't be possible without the thousands of satisfied clients that specified and continue to the demand for our products, systems and finishes.

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