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About Fisher Hamilton Scientific, Inc.


Fisher Hamilton Scientific, Inc.

1316 18th Street
City, state:
Two Rivers, WI
Postal code:
54241 show map
United States

The world's largest manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods is located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin - a facility that has been developing furniture solutions since 1880.

Our capabilities are highly automated with over 60 CNC machines and other programmable equipment. We have the flexibility to manufacture both standard and customized products of consistently high quality and deliver it on time to our customers.

High performance chemical resistant powder coat finishes are used on steel products designed to meet the rigorous demands of the laboratory environment. We self manufacture laboratory wood casework, steel casework, stainless steel casework, adaptable lab furniture systems and fume hoods. Also, lab work surfaces of epoxy resin, phenolic resin, plastic laminate and stainless steel.

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(11 - 16 Div.) Equipment
(11600) Laboratory Equipment
(12310) Manufactured Metal Casework
(12320) Manufactured Wood Casework
(12330) Manufactured Plastic Finish Casework
(12590) Furniture Systems
(11) Equipment
  (11 53 00) Laboratory Equipment
(11 53 13) Laboratory Fume Hoods
(11 53 13.13) Recirculating Laboratory Fume Hoods
(12 31 00) Manufactured Metal Casework
(12 32 00) Manufactured Wood Casework
(12 32 16) Manufactured Plastic-Laminate-Clad Casework
(12 35 30) Residential Casework

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