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About Flow Control Industries, Inc.


Flow Control Industries, Inc.

14241 NE 200th Street Bldg A Ste A
City, state:
Woodinville, WA
Postal code:
98072 show map
PO Box:
PO Box 848
United States
(425) 483-1297
(425) 486-5672

Flow Control Industries, a Washington State corporation, is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of industrial grade, pressure independent, modulating, flow control valves used in the HVAC industry.

Flow Control Industries' valves dramatically reduce the number of poor performance issues, capital expenses, and operating costs associated with unavoidable system pressure fluctuations. DeltaPValvesĀ® are designed to replace the conventional 2-way control valve and balancing valve pair installed at heating and cooling coils in buildings with a superior performing product.

Unlike conventional control valves, DeltaPValves don't hunt in response to unavoidable system pressure fluctuations because Flow Control Industries' patented flow regulation unit constantly adjusts for pressure fluctuations. This leads to better heat transfer at the coils, minimum flow, minimum pressure, and maximum delta T.

Industrial quality pressure independent control valves are a technological advancement that enables hydronic systems to attain optimal energy efficiency and maximum capacity. Flow Control Industries' valve technology is protected by 17 US patents. The market strength of DeltaPValvesĀ® is that regardless of whether the economy is bullish or bearish, customers are always concerned with being able to conserve energy resources, add system capability, and reduce total ownership cost associated with their facilities.

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(15130) Pump
(15180) Heating and Cooling Piping
(15200) Process Piping
(15220) Process Water and Waste Piping
(15230) Industrial Process Piping
(21 05 23) General-Duty Valves for Water-Based Fire-Suppression Piping
(22 66 00) Chemical-Waste Systems for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
(22 67 00) Processed Water Systems for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
(22 67 13) Processed Water Piping for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
(22 67 13.13) Distilled-Water Piping
(22 67 13.16) Reverse-Osmosis Water Piping
(22 67 13.19) Deionized-Water Piping
(23 21 23) Hydronic Pumps
  (23 21 23.13) In-Line Centrifugal Hydronic Pumps
(23 21 23.16) Base-Mounted, Centrifugal Hydronic Pumps
(23 21 23.19) Vertical-Mounted, Double-Suction Centrifugal Hydronic Pumps
(23 21 23.23) Vertical-Turbine Hydronic Pumps
(40 01 20) Operation and Maintenance of Liquids Process Piping
(40 06 20) Schedules for Liquids Process Piping
(40 20 00) Liquids Process Piping
(40 23 00) Water Process Piping
(40 23 13) Deionized Water Process Piping
(40 23 16) Distilled-Water Process Piping
(40 23 33) Reverse-Osmosis Water Process Piping
(40 92 33) Self-Contained Flow Controllers

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