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The Right Recipe for a Great Floor

What’s the recipe for a great bakery flooring solution? Slip resistance, durability, thermal shock resistance, and high resistance to water, oils, acids and chemicals.

Duraamen specializes in comprehensive flooring solutions for wholesale and retail bakeries. Our customized solution for your bakery will fully address the dry, wet, and hot and cold flooring areas of your facility, stand up to the water, acids and cleaning chemicals your floors are constantly exposed to, meet your safety and compliance needs, tolerate vibrations from large-scale equipment, and perhaps above all, it will protect your investment and provide value for your business for years to come.

Foremost, our flooring solution will be designed to protect your employees.

The ingredients that are great for baking aren’t so great for your floor. Water, flour, sugar, butter and oils not only can cause slips and falls, they can eat at away at your floor over time, and allow bacteria to grow. But we have a solution for that, too.

Duraamen has created one of the toughest, high-performing, water and chemically resistant urethane concrete flooring products available in the industry. Our Perdure UMC (Urethane Modified Concrete) will help make sure that your employees are safe, and that your seamless floor is protected.

Ultra-durable and water resistant

Your floor will also be strong, durable, and perfectly able to stand up to carts, vibrations from heavy equipment, hotracks, forklifts, and even a pinch of flour.

Flour may be good for baking, but when mixed with water, the acidity can eat away at your floor over time — so can salts and sodas. Your floor also needs to be highly resistant to water, cleaning chemicals and any caustics that may be a part of a frequent cleaning routine used to maintain high food safety standards.

Your floor will also be anti-microbial

You have a mix. So do we. To help prevent against bacteria, we’ll not only include a microbial agent into the urethane mix, your floor will be seamless so that there are no cracks for bacteria to form in the first place. Perdure UMC is engineered to be crack resistant, making it is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available.

Thermal-shock resistant

Flooring in your cooler or freezer area has to be different than the rest of your facility. Areas that need to stand up to extreme temperatures, and swings in temperature, require what’s called a thermal-shock resistant finish. Our urethane concrete flooring coatings can be installed at temperatures 20F to 60F.

To protect your inventory, our trained installers make sure that your new flooring surface in these areas cures in as little as four to six hours.

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About Duraamen

Duraamen Engineered Products is one of the leading providers of seamless high performance flooring systems covering a broad range of applications and markets. We manufacture a full line of decorative concrete coatings like self leveling concrete and micro-toppings, self-leveling epoxy coatings, polyurethane concrete flooring systems, concrete sealers, Polyaspartic polyurea coatings, chemical stains and water-based stains for concrete, concrete densifier for polished concrete and concrete sealants.

Düraamen has a sterling reputation among architects, designers, specifiers and contractors for consistently producing high quality floorings systems that are used in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. We also feature the most technically knowledgeable sales representatives in the concrete coatings industry who provide support and industry expertise from project conceptualization to completion.

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