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The GL-350 is a demountable, relocatable wall systems that offers a variety of wall panels, wall coverings, trim options, and glazing options. Visit us at or give us a call at (800) 945-2454.

Advantages of the GL-350 systems

Cost: The GL-350 system is comparable to standard drywall with field-applied vinyl.

Flexibility: Using a simple metal framework, vinyl-covered or fabric-covered gypsum panels can be mixed or matched to solve all of your interior design needs. Stud extensions allow adjustment to ceiling height without field cutting the stud.

Speed: Since the GL-350 system uses pre-finished wall panels, mudding, taping, sanding and finishing are eliminated. Your reconfigured offices are done quickly and cleanly, in a fraction of the time of standard drywall.

Privacy: The GL-350 system can be erected at screen height, cornice height, or full height. Acoustical privacy is assured with STC ranges from 35 to 49. Sound absorption panels are available, absorbing 90% of the sound that impacts them.

Furniture Support: Unlike other systems, GL-350 will accommodate all major brands of office furniture. Upper cabinets can be mounted anywhere on the system without regard to panel joints.

Total System: The GL-350 system includes a choice of aluminum door frames, aluminum glazing components in seven standard colors, and a variety of trims and bases to meet all of your facility design requirements.

Accessibility: All panels in the GL-350 system are point accessible; instant access of panels allows for electrical, telephone, and communication lines to be installed or modified quickly and easily. Individual panels can be removed and replaced without disturbing adjacent panels.

Potential Tax Savings

The GL-350 system gives the building owner another important consideration: potential tax savings. Fewer dollars spent on taxes means more dollars available to invest in your business.

Since the IRS considers movable wall systems as tangible personal property, they can be depreciated over a period of 7 years versus 39 years for standard fixed construction. After 8 years, businesses that purchase the GL-350 system will recover 100% of the cost while businesses that opt for standard fixed construction will only recover 20.5% of the cost.

In addition, you might qualify for the Section 179 Deduction which makes it possible to write off the full purchase price in the first year. Section 179 is subject to change yearly without notice, so act now while it is available to you.

For details on specific tax advantages that may apply to you, contact your accountant or tax advisor.

Reusable, Sustainable, and Environmentally Friendly

Gravity Lock has accepted the challenge of making green buildings available to everyone. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we take seriously the task of producing an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

As landfills are becoming increasingly sensitive to the problems of waste gypsum disposal, Gravity Lock has developed a technology that eliminates this waste. Components of the GL-350 Demountable Wall System are 90-95% reusable.

The GL-350 will also help your project gain critical LEED 2009 certification points in the categories of Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality.

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