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High-Performance Solar Roadway Lighting Solutions from Sol Inc.

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Sol provides cities around the world with high-performance solar roadway and solar street lighting solutions. Our solar lights are affordable, reliable and enhance lives by improving safety, increasing productivity and enhancing community life.

Each year thousands of Sol solar lighting systems are installed in communities where access to electric power is either unreliable or non-existent. Installing solar powered LED lighting allows local authorities to improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians. In addition, these solar street lights improve conditions for commercial activities in the evenings and improve the social life of residents.

Pathway and Trail Lighting

Sol offers a variety of elegant, commercial-grade solar lighting products optimized for pedestrian areas & pathways. Our solar solutions increase safety and security while providing an environmentally responsible option for parks, sacred lands, pathways, landscape greening projects and other areas where minimal disruption to the natural environment is desirable. Our pathway products help clients eliminate the cost of running wire from the nearest electrical transformer and eliminate the destruction caused by digging trenches for underground wiring. We offer a variety of robust solutions that allow you to focus on lighting design and landscaping. For parks, pathways, rural and urban environments, our sales team can help you select a commercial-grade LED lighting product that will perform reliably, year-round.

Recommended Product: GreenWay® Series

Roadway and Street Lighting

Reliable, economical and low-impact solar LED lighting systems from Sol are implemented along roadways and streets around the world. Our high-quality, cost-effective lighting improves saftey and enhances community life in locations where reliable light soures do not exist.

Sol was the pioneer in the development of sustainable and affordable off-grid lighting solutions. Then and now, we transform the lives of people by providing simple yet robust producs for use where grid access is difficult. With lower installation costs and no energy bills, local authorities are improving road safety for drivers and pedestrians, creating improved conditions for local businesses and generating a more secure and comfortable outdoor environment for residents to socialize.

Recommended Product: Top of Pole Series

About Sol Inc.

Sol Inc., a subsidiary of Carmanah Technologies Corp., is the world leader in solar LED outdoor lighting solutions. Since 1990, Sol has installed over 70,0000 innovative and cost-effective solar powered outdoor lighting systems in more than 60 countries on six continents. Our commercial/industrial-grade solutions provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and reliability for a wide range of area, security, street and roadway lighting applications.

Sol is proud to have devoted a portion of our profits in recent years to advance solar lighting and to provide assistance to emergency challenges. Most recently, Sol fielded its own team to install lights donated by the company in Haiti, placing some of the first lights on the ground in service. These lights saved lives every day by lighting up emergency medical clinics, food distribution stations and search and rescue sights, allowing around the clock operations, which would have otherwise been curtailed at dusk.

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