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Hilton Hotels & Resorts chooses Howe Green floor boxes for more safety and lower bills.

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 28, 2014

It is a common scene in coffee shops, airport terminals and hotel foyers around the world - people on their laptops with a power cord stretched out dangerously to the nearest outlet. Everyone wants to be fully charged and often with no regard to the safety implications or costs involved.

Access cover manufacturer Howe Green has designed a bespoke floor box solution to help prevent people plugging in where they shouldn’t and to help reduce the risk of unwanted trip hazards in public

The discreet stainless steel floor boxes were originally developed for the public lounge of the London Hilton Hotel at Tower Bridge. Howe Green’s task was to replace the original floor boxes, which were largely damaged and in poor condition.  As well as being unsightly, some posed potentially serious trip hazards with lids and cable outlets not sitting flush with the surrounding floor. In several cases, removable box lids had been lifted by members of the public seeking power to charge laptops and mobile devices. Often, the hotels own lamps and equipment had been unplugged in the process, leaving trailing cables across the floor.

Howe Green’s floor boxes are the ideal solution for highly trafficked public areas such hotels, leisure centers, libraries, airports, restaurants and cafés. They have a discreet design with minimal show edge and a series of discreet cable outlets. Most importantly, they are lockable, making them more tamper proof for increased security and safety. Suitable for all floor finishes, the stainless steel boxes will accept an insert panel to match their surround perfectly and create an uninterrupted flush floor finish.

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