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About Light Duty Floor Access Covers

Light Duty Floor Access Covers

Aluminum and stainless steel floor hatch to give easy access to concealed services under hard floors with pedestrian traffic.

What is this product?

The light duty floor hatch provides convenient and safe access to concealed services in hard floors. The floor hatches are available in both aluminum and stainless steel.

What type of floor finish is it generally used for?

The 5000 Series light duty floor access cover can be used for many different hard floor finishes, such as ceramic tiles, concrete, terrazzo, marble, resin, wood and parquet floors.

What level of performance does it give?

As the name suggests this is a light duty floor hatch which is appropriate for pedestrian traffic, wheeled trolleys and sack trucks.

Where would I use this product?

The 5000 Series is a very versatile floor hatch. In residential properties it can be used in conservatories and greenhouses to provide access to drainage.

In commercial applications the dimensions and weight ensure that the floor hatch can be used in any situation where access to concealed services is required and the traffic is pedestrian. The 5000 Series has been installed in gymnasium flooring at the Eagle Church in Indianapolis as well as M & M's World in London; the Mirdiff City Centre Mall in Dubai and Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.



The show edge of the floor hatch is manufactured from aluminum with steel baseplate and reinforcement

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel light duty floor hatch show edge is manufactured from stainless steel with steel baseplate and reinforcement



The options for the aluminum version of the 5000 Series are:-

Choice of aluminum or brass show edge with matching lifting blocks, or Coloredge high impact PVC edges with aluminum lifting blocks.

Stainless Steel

With the stainless steel version the show edge is manufactured from stainless steel with steel baseplate and reinforcement.

• Inset lifting points

• Options available for both aluminum and stainless steel:

• Double seal

There is the option for a 1 hour fire rating to BS 476: Part 20: 1987 (for single covers only).

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

3-Part CSI specifications for Light Duty Floor Access Covers

3-Part CSI specifications for Light Duty Floor Access Covers
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The Howe Green specifications section of the Knowledge Bank contains a specification clause for each one of our access cover products. These clauses can be used by specifiers to quickly and accurately complete their project specifications.
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CAD details for Light Duty Floor Access Covers

CAD details for Light Duty Floor Access Covers
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The drawings section of the Howe Green Knowledge Bank contains technical drawings for all our access cover products in *.dwg format.

If you would like to view the drawings in pdf format they can be seen in the appropriate data sheet. Alternatively if you require a hard copy of a specific product drawing please contact us.

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